November 2007

Okay, figuring out the flickr widget has taken WAY too long. As I only have one picture in flickr right now, I’m still not sure everything is set up properly. But I put up my header picture successfully. Yay!

Last day of November. Time is like the disappearing sock in the dryer. Where does it go? One day I am nursing babies and thinking the days and weeks are endless repetitions of diapers and laundry. Now I am months away from parenting a teenager, and my baby is learning how to read. Amazing.

Coming up for the Rosses: a trip to Mexico over the Christmas holidays. ( We are going to build a kindergarten classroom in the town of Zorrillo. We are travelling from Glasgow, Mt to San Diego, Ca by train. Yep, you read that right. Thankfully, my dad, David Lidbury, and some friends of ours, the Mitchells, are also going, so we will have lots of company on the 60-70 hour trip. That’s each way, folks! I am actually looking forward to the train ride. How often do you get to spend that much time visiting with some of your favourite people? I am also excited for our family to experience Mexico this way. And on the way back, we hope to take in Sea World in San Diego. Please pray for us as we look toward this adventure. We are still waiting for our passports to arrive, and are getting all of the other details sorted out (immunizations, travel insurance, border crossing regulations, etc.)

Here we go. Blogging the adventures of the Ross family. Hope you find something here that makes you pause, ponder, or laugh – as I share my family (and myself) … with any of you that might be interested! Patience, please, as I get the blogging technicalities figured out!