We are having such a great visit in Weyburn. I was visiting two aunties yesterday afternoon, and we were trying to figure out when I had been there last. We decided it must have been Uncle Harvey’s funeral. So I said that must have been a year and a half ago, and Auntie said no, three and a half years ago. See my previous comment on “where does the time go”? Anyway, we had a great visit. Verna brought Joey the Dog. He kept us all laughing, with his tricks and unique personality. Carter also kept us laughing, with his tricks and unique personality! I think Auntie’s kitchen is one of my favourite places in the world. What good memories.

This morning the boys and I went to Roland and Lois Olson’s and did pottery. The boys made sculptures and then Roland helped them make bowls on the wheel. So much fun. Another of my favourite places.

It is cold and snowing, but not windy. A beautiful winter day in Saskatchewan.