It’s good to be home, but we had such a great time in Weyburn. It was wonderful to spend some time with Lowell and Darla, and the girls. Goodness, they are growing up. Also nice to spend some time with Doug Goud, who is boarding with the Petersons. We were able to get in on his birthday celebration one night while we were there. How encouraging to see a young man with a strong faith and a commitment to serving the Lord like he has.

Besides visiting the aunties and the Olsons, we were able to see some old friends at Bible class on Wednesday night. So good to reconnect, but saddened by the loss of others, especially Hannah Bell, who passed away while we were there. I remember well her devilled eggs at potlucks!

The boys and I went skating at the North Weyburn Skating Rink, which is faithfully maintained by Mr. Olson. It brought back memories for me of skating as a child with my friends. We would rush to the rink a couple of nights a week for the skating time that was reserved for the “staff brats”. I think it was Swiss Family Robinson that was on television that night, so it was always a dilema. Should I wait for the end of the show and miss the first few minutes of skating, or sacrifice the ending in order to get the full hour with my friends?

The boys and I also spent a lovely lunch at McDonald’s with Roger and Helen Peterson. I so love and appreciate these “giants” from my youth.

Today I am off to the church to help plan and prepare for the children’s Christmas party. It is another cold day in Saskatchewan, but not windy. The boys are watching Saturday morning cartoons, and Lyndon is getting ready to go out coyote calling. I wish him luck, as coyotes are helping to pay for our trip to Mexico!

Yesterday, as I was trying to get Carter into his socks and boots so that we could go to town, I vented my frustration with him… “Carter, what am I going to do with you?” He replied, “Love me, feed me, never leave me!” I think that is a quote from Garfield, but it made me laugh, which, of course, is the response he was going for.

Have a blessed day!