We are now officially Canadian citizens, as our passports came on Friday. Of course, our passport pictures are horrid. We look like a family of hillbillies that just crawled out of the bush. I guess that is what we will likely look like when we get off the train in San Diego at midnight. Someone told me that when you are travelling and you start to look like your passport photo, its time to come home! Anyway, I am glad they arrived. That is one more thing I can strike off my list. It is just over two weeks till we leave. My goodness, that is not very much time to do all the things I need to do.

This afternoon we had a little Christmas party for the kids. We practiced the play that they will perform in church on the 23rd. They were all so cute. Colton has a speaking part. He is a cowboy named Doc, and he was hamming it up like a pro, Western accent and everything. Carter is a shepherd. He is supposed to just stand by Mary and Joseph, but if you know Carter you know it is hard for him to stand still for long. I hope he will be able to make it through the performance. Tyson did not want to be in the play at all, but he agreed to be one of the singers. It was a typical rehersal, lots of chaos and mayhem, but I am sure it will be fine on the big day.

Lyndon left tonight for Weyburn. Usually he leaves Monday morning around 4:00, but he is getting a little worn out, so decided to go tonight. I am planning on going to Weyburn on Thursday with the boys and the two dogs, to attend Hannah Bell’s funeral. Then on to Estevan, where we are leaving the dogs for the holidays. I need to be in Regina on Friday for an eye appointment. I’m not quite sure how I am going to work this all out yet. Anyway, we will spend the rest of the weekend in Estevan at Darren and Sandra’s, which will be lovely. We put up our tree yesterday, which is late for us. I feel a little behind in general this year. The holidays have sneaked up on me!