It’s Tuesday, but since we just got home yesterday afternoon, it feels like Monday. The boys are finishing some school work and I am procrastinating.

The boys and I and the two dogs headed out Thursday morning for Estevan. We stopped in Weyburn for Hannah Bell’s funeral. We picked up Lyndon that evening and went on to Estevan, where we had a great weekend at Darren and Sandra’s. A little shopping, some good visits, lots of laughing. Thanks to them for keeping our dogs while we go to Mexico.

We enjoyed going to church in Estevan on Sunday. The class that Colton was in was getting ready to do a Christmas drama, and Colton was willing to take a role for someone who was absent. Mary Muirhead was teaching the class, and the children did a Reader’s Theatre presentation of the birth of Jesus, which they performed during potluck that afternoon. Colton did an awesome job. He read his part with enthusiasm and confidence, and I couldn’t help but think that a year ago he struggled to get through The Cat in the Hat! I had to say a little prayer of thanksgiving to God for helping us overcome Colton’s learning struggles!

Sunday night we said goodbye to Bella and Betsie, and went back to Weyburn to spend the night at Lowell and Darla’s. More visiting, and a little more shopping, and then home again on Monday. Whew… I have a lot to do now as it is only a week until my dad arrives, and then we head for Mexico on the 26th. Well, we head for Montana on the 26th. I am looking forward to stepping onto the train, setting down my bags, and settling in for the ride.

Today, however, I am still in preparation mode. I need to go to town to get travel insurance, order the next round of immunizations (we get poked on Thursday), pay bills, buy groceries, and visit a friend who recently had a baby. The weather is mild, and it will be nice to be out and about for a while this afternoon.