Today is the last day we are going to do “school”, although I don’t really like the labelling, because my philosophy of homeschooling is that everything that happens in a day is “school”. Its all about learning, experiencing, living. So in the days to come we will be cleaning, packing, baking, reading, drawing, talking…

A week from now we should be settling into our seats on the train. Goodness.

I have been wanting to make a little book to take with us with maps, journalling pages, etc. Well, we’ll see how that goes. I feel like I am running out of time. I did get travel insurance yesterday. I chose to get the extra “accidental death or dismemberment” insurance, thinking that would be wise since we will be using power tools in Mexico. Then the insurance agent informed me that we would only be covered if we were accidentally killed or dismembered while embarking or disembarking during the actual travelling experience. In other words, if someone fell onto the train tracks and got run over by a train, or got a hand caught in door, or something like that. Power tools don’t count. It was only $20.00 more, so I went with the extra insurance anyway. You never know.

I’m listening to Elvis crooning Christmas carols in the background. The kids are doing their things calmly and, dare I say, JOYFULLY! Tis the season.