Today was a great Sunday. The kids did a wonderful job with the Christmas drama. Sometimes, the preparation for something is chaotic and difficult, but then the result of the effort makes it worth while. Colton was an awesome Doc; he got a lot of laughs. Carter did a great job as a shepherd, although he insisted up until the end that he wanted to be an angel. I think the fact that the angels got to stand up on the edge of the baptistry had something to do with his enthusiasm for the role. But I didn’t have a white dress that would fit him, so… he was a shepherd. Although Tyson doesn’t like performing the way his brothers do, he sang with the Cowboy Choir.

This was our last Sunday before we leave for Mexico. The church had us go to the front of the building and then the elders prayed for us. It was very encouraging. Lyndon said a few things about why we wanted to take this trip. He always avoids any kind of public speaking, but when he does it, he does a good job. He talked about how we have wanted to share the experience of another culture with the boys, and especially for them to see how people live in a less affluent society. He also talked about our desire to serve others in some small way, although I have a feeling we will come away from the experience just as blessed an enriched as those we are trying to help. He also emphasized the blessing of travelling and working with good friends.

Tomorrow we pick up dad at the airport in Regina. I’m not sure if we will all go, or if just Lyndon will. I guess it will depend on how much I get done tomorrow morning. The trip is starting to feel like a reality!