Life has been on hold for the last week or so as Mom, Dad, and I gave this old house a facelift. What a difference a little paint can make! We managed to paint the entry way, kitchen, pantry, school room, and upstairs bathroom. The kitchen was the most difficult, as it first involved the scraping of old and very firmly-stuck wallpaper. The house looks beautiful now. Mom and Dad left last night, so I am in the process of putting things back together in the aftermath of the painting frenzy. I am also doing a little sorting, organizing, and disposing along the way.

I tell you, those two (the Mother and the Father) are amazing when it comes to taking on a project. I could never have finished the job without them. Here is Mom, hobbling around as she waits for a hip replacement, washing (no, scrubbing) floors on her hands and knees, baking muffins, cooking meals, scraping wallpaper… You can’t get that woman to sit down! And Dad – my goodness – with a paintbrush in one hand and a hammer in the other. He repaired walls, painted walls, fixed toilets and cupboard doors, and cleaned carpets. I appreciate their help so much, and I am loving life in my freshly painted home.

We did take a night off while they were here, and went to see The Hunter Family in concert at the Co-Cathedral. This talented family from Shaunavon (mom, dad, and five boys) gave an energetic and inspiring performance of gospel music. My boys were not very excited beforehand (Do we HAVE to go?) but they all thoroughly enjoyed it. I encourage you to see this group if you get a chance.

Painting my house has had me contemplating facelifts. Well, perhaps the previously discussed 44-year-old milestone has also contributed to these thoughts. I am noticing many aging effects on my body lately: wrinkles, sagging and bagging, and the odd ache or pain. I recently bought a new undergarment (okay, a bra) which, sadly, resembles the bras my mother wears. I swear, you could make bridges out of that stuff. I am sure it is designed with as much engineering skill as most bridges are, with the crissing and crossing and lifting and supporting that is going on. Sigh…

I am reading, however, about replacing a covetous attitude with a contented attitude. So I will try to resist coveting my youth and will be content instead with the place I am at now. I have a wonderful family, and am enjoying the growing-up-time of my children. I have some of the wisdom((?) okay, I’m working on that one) that only time can bring, good friends, a lovely home… What’s a little cellulite compared with all that?