Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. I, unfortunately, am spending the night alone (unless you count the six-year-old in my bed). Lyndon is working tomorrow, but will hopefully be home in time for Colton’s birthday supper. Colton will be eleven tomorrow. Wow. When Mom and Dad were here, we were remembering when Colton was born. It was a very cold and snowy February. We were living in Roche Percee at the time. I remember that there was a blizzard the night before I went into labour, and I was worried about not being able to get into Estevan.

Mom came to stay with me for a while after Colton was born. We hardly left the house as I remember. The day she had to leave, Lyndon went first in his truck and she followed in the car she had rented. Lyndon drove into a snow bank and it took them quite some time to shovel him out. When Mom finally got back on the road she had hardly any time to get into Estevan to catch her bus to Weyburn. She said she has never driven so fast. She made it, though, and lived to tell about it!

Colton was my most contented baby. He chuckled and cooed when anyone talked to him. The only time he really got upset was when he was in his car seat. He hated that seat with a passion, and screamed whenever he was buckled into it. As a toddler, he was forever putting things in his mouth. If he was outside, he would have a mouthful of pebbles before too long. He was also bad for biting, which seemed so strange to me for such an easy-going kid. But he delivered some nasty chomps on a few unsuspecting victims.

Colton always has had a sweet tooth. I remember a potluck in Weyburn when he was about three. I wasn’t watching until some friends pointed him out to me. He had the remains of about eight chocolate cupcakes in front of him. He had eaten the tops (icing, yum!) off all of them, and was going back for more when I intercepted him. My friends thought it was hilarious.

For the last week or so, Colton has been campaigning for gerbils for his birthday. He thinks they would make the perfect pet for the family. He assures me they would be no trouble, would hardly eat anything, would make very little noise, don’t bite, and that he will personally take awesome care of them. Well, we’ll see what Daddy brings home from Weyburn tomorrow.

Carter wants to go to town tomorrow to get Colton a present with his Tooth Fairy money. Actually, the Tooth Fairy gave him a toonie, and a wonderful woman from church, Helen Bailey, gave him a loonie. I wonder what we can find in Gravelbourg for three dollars?! Carter’s prayer was so sweet tonight. I’ll share a few of the main points with you: help Uncle Quinn’s eye to get better, help Auntie Kathy’s leg to get better, help David’s cold to get better, help Stan to not get anymore diseases, help Karisa to not be sad, help the Ratzlaff’s Grandpa to be happy in heaven, help Daddy to have a fun day at work and to have a safe trip home and to not hit a deer or anything like that, help Colton to have a fun birthday, help Zoe to have a good train ride, and help the children in Mexico to have a good sleep and enough food to eat. AMEN!