I have just spent the last hour or so googling summer art camps for kids. I would love for the boys to be able to attend a good quality art program of some kind this summer. Emma Lake has a day camp (art and ecology), for ages 7-11. That works well for the younger boys but leaves Tyson out of the picture. It is possible to camp at a nearby park, however, so perhaps Tyson wouldn’t mind just hanging out at the beach while his brothers were painting and hiking. I think I’ll check it out further. The Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina does some stuff with kids, but they don’t have their summer schedule posted yet. If anyone knows of an awesome summer art program, please inform me!

Well, another weekend is over. I think the winter blues are beginning to hit me. I often find February and March difficult months. Spring still seems a long way off. I am looking forward to a couple of things, though.

The Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators Association is having our annual Homeschool Conference the last weekend of February. I look forward to this event every year. It is a time for me to visit with other homeschoolers, look over new curriculum, attend workshops, and simply be re-energized. This year, Dr. Jay Wile is the keynote speaker. He has written a junior and senior high school science program that I am interested in. I am also looking forward to attending a workshop by a presentor who has developed a “Canadian History in 90 Seconds” program. Sounds interesting.

Then, in March, I am attending a Christian Women’s Renewal at Manitou Springs in Watrous, Saskatchewan. Although I am not certain what to expect, I am so looking forward to this time. I am sure it will be challenging and rewarding.

Yes, I am feeling a little blah, but am sure that God has many surprises in store for me this week. I am looking forward to finding out what He has up His sleeve for my children and me in the days ahead.