It is sunshiny. (I don’t think that is a word. Oh well). I love these kinds of winter days. The snow sparkles, the dogs and kids love to be outside, and Mom feels less blah. (Less blah sounds a little “glass half empty”. I should say, Mom feels more energetic).

Yesterday we had a busy day in Assiniboia, which is about 45 minutes from home for those of you who are not familiar with this corner of Saskatchewan. We went for several reasons: Bella, the poodle, had a beauty treatment, the boys and I had dentist appointments, and I needed to do some banking. We enjoyed the day. Bella came home fluffy and clean, the boys and I came home with clean teeth, and my wallet came home much lighter than it was when we left! We stopped and ate at The Chat and Chew before we left Assiniboia. The boys like to eat out and we don’t do it very often, so it was a treat.

We listened to E.B. White read Charlotte’s Web in the truck. Colton is reading Charlotte’s Web as part of his literature studies. I am reading Stuart Little to all of them during our family reading time. We’ll have to read The Trumpet of the Swan next and round out our E.B. White experience. It is fun for me to revisit these favourites of mine with the boys. We are also currently reading together Volume 3 of Susan Wise Bauer’s The story of the World, which covers Early Modern History. Bloody, bloody stuff! And, we are reading a book on Canadian inventions. Interesting. Did you know Superman was created by a Canadian?

The boys are finished their morning assignments, and are starting to call for food and drink. I guess it is time to go and nourish my offspring! Before I go, here are some interesting mammoth facts from Colton:

Some scientists took a frozen mammoth, made mammoth steak from it, and reported that it tasted really good. Also, in some places in Siberia, where mammoth fossils are found, people steal mammoth tusks from museums and illegally trade mammoth ivory.