We came home last night, and it felt good to walk in the door. Unfortunately, it also stunk. There is a rather strong sewage-type smell in the house. I can’t find any problem, so I am hoping it is a p-trap that dried up or something like that. The smell is definitely coming from the basement, so the solution so far is to keep the basement door closed!

We had a very busy week away. Our time in Weyburn was spent visiting, visiting, and visiting. We attended the funeral of an old friend, moved the previously mentioned couple, visited an old friend who recently had a stroke and is now in a care home, and spent some time at our good friends’ the Olson’s. One of my favourite memories is of watching Mr. Olson cross-country skiing with Tyson, Colton, Starlet, and Karina. I wish I’d had the camera.

I was so happy to be able to attend the homeschool conference in Regina on the weekend. We stayed with good friends, John J and Leeane Harvey. The kids enjoyed playing together, and I enjoyed the conference. While I was “conferencing” on Saturday, Lyndon took the boys to Katepwa to go ice fishing. Sounds like they had a great time and caught lots of fish. Our friends, Al and Bunny, have a cabin there and are so hospitable.

At the conference, I attended sessions on Junior High science, history, spelling, and was encouraged by those and other workshops. It was also so nice to spend time with other homeschoolers, most of whom I only see once or twice a year.

Today it was back to the books for my boys. Although we did a few days of “school” in Weyburn, today was a challenge as we all got back into the routine of normal life. I spent some time cleaning up and ran into town to pick up some groceries, get the mail, and do some banking. Carter came along with me. He loves going to town. At one bank he gets a sucker, at the other bank he gets a cookie, and at the grocery store he gets more cookies. I hardly have to feed the boy at home! After all our errands, we stopped at the Cafe Paris (or Toes’ place, as Carter refers to it) for a drink.

Tomorrow we need to take another trip to Assiniboia to see the dentist. Carter and I need fillings, and Colton is having sealants put on some of his teeth. So, it will be a school-in-the-truck day.