I am usually a real scrooge when it comes to buying processed cereal. But, in a weak moment, my persuasive six-year-old talked me into buying a certain popular cereal that has coloured marshmallow shapes in it. One bowl a day, I said firmly.

So, my questions is, can “a certain” processed cereal turn a six-year-old’s poo flourescent green? Carter called me in distress from the bathroom a few minutes ago. He was pretty worried about the radioactive glow coming from the toilet bowl. I think that will be the last box of that particular cereal we buy.

We survived another trip to Assiniboia this morning. The weather was pretty crappy, blowing snow and cold. Carter had his first filling. Poor little guy. It took quite a long time, but he was a trooper. We headed back home as soon as we were done. I’m not a fan of driving in icky winter conditions. The boys managed to get some school work done in the truck, and are finishing up a little work now.

I bought some new DVDs at the conference on the weekend. They are called Drive Through History, from Focus on the Family. We already owned two, DTH Greece and DTH Rome. The boys love them, so I picked up two more, DTH East meets West, and DTH Turkish Delight. We watched them this afternoon. If you know kids who love to “see” history, these are great learning tools. The host presents the material in an interesting, funny way, and ties the historical and biblical events together in a way that kids can understand. They are very well done. Tyson’s comment: “I can’t wait till I am old enough to travel to Instanbul” (formerly Constantinople).  I hope he lets me go with him!

We also had to get water this afternoon. I took the whole gang with me. First we had to wrestle the water tank back into the box of the truck. We had taken it out for our trip last week. At the “watering hole”, the boys all laughed at the long icicle dangling from the water hose. Carter wanted to hang on to the hose. Unfortunately, it got away from him, resulting in an icy shower for all of us. On the way home we stopped at the library. I restocked my reading supply, continuing my commitment to Canadian authors. Stay tuned for book reports! At the homeschool conference used book sale I picked up a copy of The Catcher in the Rye. I have never read it before, but I remember it was considered controversial for it’s time.

Hmm, I think I need to get the kids in bed so I can dive into one of those books.

Oh yes, sewage update. It still stinks.