Yesterday the boys and I went for haircuts. As soon as we arrived at the salon, Carter started saying he didn’t want to get his hair cut. Tyson went first. Carter was right in there, watching Tyson get his hair washed, laughing at him because he “looked like a girl” with his hair wrapped in a towel. Then he was practically sitting on Tyson’s knee while Alyssa was trying to cut his hair. Thankfully, we were the only customers in the shop, and Alyssa was very patient. I can’t really explain what Carter is like when he gets like he was in the salon. Lyndon says he is like a hummingbird. I think he is like one of those wind-up toys, that hop all over and do back flips after they are wound up and released.

After Tyson got his hair cut, Colton hopped up in the chair. Alyssa started laughing at him because he had on one black sock and one white sock. I was so embarrassed. Colton calmly explained that one of the black socks had a hole, and one of the white socks had a hole, so he made a new pair out of the leftovers.

I was next, since Carter was still insisting he was not getting his hair cut. I now have short hair, and I like it a lot. I haven’t washed and fixed it myself yet, so we’ll see what I look like at church tomorrow.

When I was done, I put Carter in the chair. Alyssa let him spray his own hair with water, which he thought was great fun. But as soon as she got out the scissors, he folded his arms and refused to look at any of us. But we got his hair cut. I was exhausted when we finally left the shop.

Lyndon got home last night, and within a few hours the house was considerably less stinky. Apparently the septic just needed to be pumped out. Today the weather was so nice I was able to open some windows. I now have a fresh smelling house! I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, and sorting through some closets. I feel very virtuous tonight after all my productivity. Lyndon and Carter are snoozing on the couch beside me, so I am typing in the dark. I think I’ll read a couple of chapters and then head to bed myself.