Once again, I am experiencing that “my goodness, it is good to be home” feeling. So much has happened. Where do I begin?

While I was away, two messages were delivered to us at the renewal. The first was that Roger Peterson had passed away. This man– the father of my friend, the father-in-law of my friend, the friend of my dad– has left us. The other message was that our dear friend Carol Straker has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. My God. My prayers are with both of these families.

So, when I arrived home from the renewal, the house was empty. Mom and Dad had already left for Weyburn, for Roger’s funeral (which had been scheduled for Saturday afternoon). I spent a quiet evening by myself in the spotlessly clean house that my mother had left for me. Thanks so much, Mom. Saturday morning I rode to Weyburn with some friends, and was so glad to see Lyndon and the boys. We went for lunch together at McDonalds, and Lyndon and I had a chance to visit and catch up a little.

Roger’s funeral was a beautiful experience. From the time the family walked in to the background music of Roger and Helen singing together, to the eulogy by Dad, to the slide show of family pictures, it was a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. We saw so many people that we didn’t have enough time to visit with. Isn’t that always the way it goes? Although we didn’t go out to the graveside, I love knowing that Lowell set off fireworks at the end of the service! I also will treasure the memory of Lowell sharing how Colton had offered him his condolences. My kids love Lowell so much.

I stayed in Weyburn Saturday night to be able to spend a bit more time with Lyndon. We heard an amazing lesson on Sunday morning by Daryl Buchanon, who is a Bible teacher at Western Christian College. He spoke on the woman who annointed Jesus with expensive perfume. Wonderful. SO where I am at in my life and thinking right now. Lyndon and I took the boys back to McDonalds for lunch so that we could have a little more time to visit. Then we caught up to Mom and Dad, said goodbye to Lyndon, and headed for home.

Today has been one of those “getting back into routine” days. Mom and Dad left this morning, I put in a load of laundry, and the boys got out the school books. They also spent a lot of time playing outside. I had a nap this afternoon. I am feeling weary, but in a good way. The boys are in the kitchen eating the chocolate pudding cake that Tyson made, and listening to The Vinyl Cafe on cd.

I will have to write about the renewal next time. It was wonderful, amazing, challenging, beautiful, changing…