Last week I was so blessed to spend time at the Mineral Springs in Watrous. But it wasn’t the mineral water that left me renewed, it was the experience of being part of a Come before Winter workshop.

I can hardly find the words to express what this past week has meant to me. I am changed. From the time I arrived on Monday afternoon until I left on Friday, I felt the peace of being in a blessed place.

The women from Texas who came to host the renewal were amazing, as were the women who attended. Truly, it was a sisterhood that I have not experienced before. The study of the book of Philipians yielded unique insights for each woman, as we all spent time digging into the Word. God is so good!

As always, my question after any kind of workshop is: What difference will this make in my life? I am not the same person who left last Monday morning. I am so convicted of my need to dwell in the perfect peace of knowing God, to trust Him with my life, my children, my future. As Lyndon and I struggle to make sense of what God has planned for our lives, I rest in the knowledge that He is in charge and I do not need to worry! I pray that as God opens doors, we will walk through them with confidence.

Please pray for us as we seek those open doors. We are committed to going where God leads us. My only criteria are that we find a ministry that we feel is blessed by God, and that we find a place (people) where our children will be cared about and nurtured to grow in the passion of serving the Lord. That sounds preachy, but I don’t know how to say it any other way.

As I look to the future, I realize I am not yet allowing myself to accept what will be lost by moving on. I can’t go there yet. I know I will grieve these losses that I can’t even bring myself to name yet! I am such a coward!

Please pray for us.

Today, as we were driving into town, Tyson commented on the bleakness of the prairie landscape. Everything looks lifeless. Colton, in his insightful way, reminded us that, “If you look deeper, it is beautiful. There is still life out there, even if it looks dead.” Atta boy!