Yesterday, while we were driving to Moose Jaw,  we heard a segment on CBC radio on this topic. A woman has written a book about it, and has a website about it (google we are the new radicals if you are interested). Lyndon and I were interested in listening to the interview after we heard the into, suggesting it would be about midlifers who are interested in taking their lives in a totally different direction. The interview itself was somewhat disappointing, but the concept intrigues me.

As I understand it, there is a trend of “new” radicalism, primarily among baby-boomers. Tired of just making money, some in this category are looking to inject more meaning into their lives, and are reinventing themselves in socially-conscious ways. (ie. the doctor who leaves his or her practice to work for Doctors Without Borders). This new radicalism is different from the “old” radicalism of the sixties in that new radicals are following the “I can make a difference” philosophy as opposed to “Let’s change the world”.

Something I found interesting in the radio interview was that there was no mention of anything spiritual. I am a mid-lifer and I am feeling the urge to make some radical changes.  Yet for me, these stirrings are deeply spiritual. I am tired of church. (Did I say that out loud?) I am. I’m tired of doing church, maintaining church, defending church, and watching people leave church. I want to live in the Kingdom. I want my children to catch the passion of service, of doing Kingdom work. Do I know what that looks like? No, not really. But I know it is different than what/how I am living now.

When I was younger, I viewed life as an adventure. I wanted to “drink deeply”. When I started homeschooling, my desire was for that to be an adventure in learning with my children. In post modern terms, I wanted us to “experience” living and learning together. Lyndon and I desired a simple life, free of as much materialism and unnecessary “stuff” as possible.

Truthfully, where we find ourselves now is not where we desire to be. We are going to change that somehow. Missional, relational, meaningful… these are the kinds of things we are looking for. I think God desires more for us and from us.

So, we are on a journey. We don’t know where it will take us. Hey, it’s an adventure!