Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I will be going to another funeral in Weyburn this week. Remember the dancing couple that I helped move into their new condo a few weeks ago? She’s gone. She slipped away this morning.

Vi was one of those busy ladies that was always doing good. She was a tiny woman, but full of energy. In the old days, she was a farmer’s wife. The kind that gardened and canned and baked, as she raised her four girls. When she and her husband moved to town, she still gardened and canned and baked, as she did “good works” in her community. She was an amazing lady. She truly loved her Saviour and spent her time serving Him.

As a little girl, I remember seeing her at church. She was just one of the older women that made up my little world. When I moved back to Weyburn as a young mom, she became a friend and an example. I remember many things about her: taking the kids to her house at Hallowe’en for a homemade chocolate, getting apples from her in the fall, visiting with her at church, receiving many plants from her to put in my flower bed (including a prize-winning fern– she was always winning ribbons at the fair), sharing a meal at her table, sitting beside her at potluck… One time, she came to me to ask me to stop bringing plastic bugs to church for my kids to play with. She was so apologetic as she talked to me. Apparently a lady was threatening to quit coming to church if I continued to let my kids play with snakes and bugs and lizards during the sermon. Even though it made her uncomfortable, Vi waded in there to do the right thing by talking to me about it.

Until she got sick, Vi was a blur of activity. It was hard to see her so frail lately. My heart is breaking for Bill. They were one of those couples that you cannot imagine separated. How will he dance alone?