Last Thursday, as we were finishing up supper, I was encouraging the boys to be quick so they could help me do the dishes and get the house tidied up. “Why,” asked Carter. “Are Wendell and The Bible Crew coming over?” Yep, they were. And they all enjoyed being referred to in such a way.

Our small group (AKA The Bible Crew) is almost over. Although I have missed a few Thursdays, I have so appreciated the insights of all our group members about “changing our attitudes”. Last Thursday, we discussed “Replace a rebellious attitude…” and will finish this week with “…a submissive attitude”. I struggled some with the author’s definition of and discussion about rebellion. Maybe that means I am rebellious? I don’t know for sure, but it seems there is a fair bit of dissatisfaction out there with organized religion as a whole, and I confess to being one of the dissatisfied. I don’t know if that makes me rebellious or not. I haven’t read the chapter on submission yet.

I just finished reading the book The Shack, by William P. Young. This is the book everyone is talking about, and for good reason. Relationship, relationship, relationship. That about sums it up.

I forgot my reading glasses in a restaurant in North Battleford last weekend, on our way home from Sherwood Park. Torture! I was so thankful to receive them in the mail yesterday, and so grateful to Quinn’s mom for collecting them and sending them to me. So, I spent most of the last two evenings putting in some serious reading time.

Tyson is becoming a writer of sorts. He likes to write in his journal, and has several unfinished manuscripts collecting dust on his desk. Tonight he asked me for a small notebook, suitable for “writing general, random thoughts”. I love that. He is currently reading “The Witch of Blackbird Pond”, and enjoying it. I love hearing his thoughts about what he is reading.

Today I received news that one of my short stories will be published in May in an online magazine called A Fly in Amber. I’ll post the link when it shows up.