I am sitting at the computer in the school room. I’m not exactly sure how it got that name, as there is nothing especially “schoolish” about it. The boys are all sitting on the couch beside me. Tyson is looking at an art book, Colton is looking at a dog book, and Carter is holding our poodle, Bella. They are also watching a Cosby episode. The Cosby Show is our most recent DVD acquisition, and the kids love it. I have also enjoyed watching episodes I remember from years ago. It is strange that when I first watched the show I was the age of the kids, and now I am the age (almost) of the parents.

It is starting to feel like spring. A very, very, dry spring. We are praying for rain. But is so nice to feel the sun’s warmth, and to hear birds in the morning. Today the boys and I spent some time cleaning up the yard. The farmer who has bins in our yard was here loading grain. I haven’t seen a robin yet, but I’ve heard reports of sightings!

We also had a special visitor today. Zoi came by to visit Carter, and she brought her mom along. We spent some time remembering our trip to Mexico last Christmas. Carter and Zoi spent a lot of time together on the playground while we built the kindergarden classroom in Zorrillo. They became such good buddies.

So, I am starting to get the education itch. Dangerous. I’ve been checking out grad school options. I could do a Masters in Counseling through Athabasca, or a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling through Briercrest. There are some other possibilities as well. Athabasca would probably be the easiest and least expensive option. I have always felt some sadness about not completing my masters (in Clinical Psychology) at the U of Regina. I finished everything except the thesis… we moved and I started having babies (yada, yada, yada) and I decided I had to let it go. It has always been that “unfinished” thing in my life. We’ll see.

I didn’t go to the funeral in Weyburn today. Lyndon is coming home tonight. We just decided that we couldn’t get to this one. I feel so torn. Lyndon says we can’t go to every funeral. As I am typing this, the funeral should just be beginning. I can’t recall ever attending an evening funeral. My thoughts tonight are with all the family and friends of Bill and Vi.

Colton made up a riddle today. Here it is:

What starts out small, but when it goes under you can see it all?