We spent this past Friday and Saturday in Regina. At the last minute, we decided to go with Lyndon. He wanted to go and visit some friends that were going to be in Regina for Homecoming. I called Friday morning and booked a room at the Travelodge, so the boys and I could hang out at the waterslide while Lyndon was visiting.

On the way to Regina, we stopped at the hospital in Moose Jaw to visit Esther and new baby Waylan. It is so wonderful to hold a newborn. Lyndon always says they smell like baby kittens. Carter was slightly disgusted by the “hole” in the baby’s head.

In Regina, we stopped at WalMart for a few supplies, and then went to the Travelodge, where we discovered the pool was out of commission. Uh oh, mild panic, some frantic phone calls, and finally– a room was located at the Delta, downtown Regina. Definitely not the easiest location in terms of parking and a little more expensive than we had planned on, but we were just happy to find a room in a hotel that had a waterslide. The boys were relieved, and then excited when I told them there was a three-story waterslide there. (Carter kept calling it a three-book waterslide). Lyndon got us settled, and then disappeared until 3:00 in the morning! He had a great time, visiting old friends and playing hockey with “the guys”. He didn’t feel too bad the next day, but today he is pretty sore.

The boys spent lots of time in the water, and then we walked across to the Cornwall Centre to eat supper at the food court. The boys were thrilled with the walkway; can you tell we are from a small town? It was so weird for me to be in the Cornwall Centre. I bet it has been fifteen years since I was last there. Lyndon and I used to go there a lot when we were dating. We would park in the area that is now the Casino, and run across the street to go to a movie or shop or eat. I remember seeing the movie Beauty and the Beast there with some friends from grad school. So, the boys and I ate in the food court, and then I let them spend a few minutes playing the wii at EB Games.

Saturday morning, we let the kids swim and slide a bit more, and then packed up and headed for home. The church in Gravelbourg was having a guest speaker and I wanted to get back in time to attend the afternoon sessions. As we were driving down Albert Street, Lyndon’s phone started ringing; his friends wanted us to join them for breakfast and one last visit. “Whatever,” I said, so that is what we ended up doing. We left in time to still make the last session in Gravelbourg, factoring in a quick stop at WalMart in Moose Jaw to pick up a couple of fish for Colton. Do you think I could find anyone to help us with the fish? Grrr. We waited forever, and I made several trips around the store looking for help. Needless to say, we missed the sessions at the church, but Colton is thrilled with his new fish. Lyndon spent much of the rest of the weekend napping. Poor guy, trying to keep up with the kids on the ice!

Today, we heard the final talk in the weekend series. Kelly Carter is the preacher at the Church of Christ in Calgary. He’s a great speaker. I’m not sure what he said on Saturday, but today he was talking about living exuberantly because of our salvation. Yeah, I agree, but can you really maintain that level of exuberance all the time? The examples he gave from the new testament were all of new Christians, and I can see the excitement of new Christians being a special, wonderful thing. He compared it to when Saskatchewan won the Grey Cup, and people were jumping up and down, and full of excitement. Okay, that was exciting at the time, but no one jumps up and down any more when they talk about winning the Grey Cup. It’s still a wonderful thing, but not in the same way it was at the time of the win. See what I’m saying? So yeah, I’m excited to be a Christian and there are times that makes me “exuberant”, but it is more often a satisfied, deeper joy at this stage, than a giddy excitement. Hmmm, I’ll have to ponder more.

So, Lyndon went back to Weyburn tonight. Carter is counting the sleeps until he gets back. I think he is going to be back on Wednesday night. I am going to be spending my spare time this week doing exegesis of the book of Ephesians. The women from this area who went to the renewal a few weeks ago have committed ourselves to further study, and as we learned, exegesis simply means “to draw out”. Friday night we are getting together in Glentworth to compare our studies. I am already loving Ephesians. The Word is speaking.

I am one of the speakers at the Ladies Trail Ride this spring, and I just found out my topic. Coincidentally, the Trail Ride organizers chose the same book that our small group has been using. So, I am talking on: replacing a covetous attitude with a contented attitude.

Wow, so much pondering to do and so little time!