A busy Sunday… church, potluck, and company for the afternoon. Company included a two-week-old baby, so I got in lots of baby holding and cuddling. Nothing better than that!

Friday night was a highlight. We had a little Come before Winter reconnect, and it was wonderful. There were six of us that gathered in Glentworth, for fellowship and study. Debbie won the prize for best costume– she brought her CbW tote bag and wore her name tag. Debbie also brought an email from Suzy, one of the Texas women who was part of the CbW leadership team. The best part of the evening was our sharing together about our studies in Ephesians. The Word continues to amaze me, the way it speaks to each person in a unique and personal way. I was struck by the emphasis on unity… similar to the emphasis on unity in Philippians. It was a great evening. We decided to study James next, and we will get together in a month or so to share again.

Yesterday, Lyndon and the boys went out shooting gophers for the afternoon. I stayed home and read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. It was an interesting book about how dishonesty affects relationships. Ripple, ripple, ripple– as Maxine said.

It is spring, and the jars are starting to accumulate on my window sill. The first jar was an ant collection. So far the ants are happily building tunnels. Yesterday, Carter brought home a bunch of beetles in a chip bag. He set the bag on the kitchen table and it scared the pants off me when I picked it up and looked inside, thinking (silly me) that it would have chips in it. I had forgotten about it by this morning, and it scared me all over again when I was clearing off the table for breakfast.

Tomorrow we are going to Regina. I have an eye appointment, so we will all go and hopefully do something fun along with the appointment. Lyndon is thinking he might take Tuesday off as well, as the truck needs to “dry” for 24 hours after the liner is put in or sprayed in or whatever. We are trying to decide if the boys and I will go to Weyburn with Lyndon, as our dear friend Danny Dunn passed away this morning and the funeral will be some time next week. I haven’t heard when for sure yet, so we will see. Danny struggled with cancer for several months. He had an amazing attitude of trust, and an incredible faith. Talk about submission, he was a living example of submission in action.