We had a good trip to the city yesterday. I spent a lot of time sitting and waiting to see eye people. Lyndon took the boys to Cowtown, the Museum of Natural History, and Chapters– three of their favourite places in Regina.

At Orthoptics in the Pasqua Hospital, Dina the technician changed the prism on my distance lenses. The goal is to find a prism that I can tolerate for both distance and reading, and then I could get bifocals made using that prism. So, six months to try this out and then we’ll see. Dina told me that she had seen a six-year-old that morning who has already had cataract surgery and is wearing bifocals.

Then I saw the specialist, Dr. Avram, for a short appointment. He said everything looks fine, and suggested I revisit the possibility of surgery to try to correct the double vision. I’m pretty nervous about having more surgery. He described the process. Basically, he goes in and ties little knots in the muscles of the eye to pull the eye back into proper position. The knots are loosely tied, and then if it needs an adjustment, he goes in and tightens or loosens the knot. I think I’ll pursue the route of glasses for now.

Let’s see… other Ross news of late. Lyndon won the lottery a few weeks ago. He won $1600 on Lotto 6/49. He had five of the six numbers right. So, if he had had one more correct number he would have won 3.5 million. He walked around the house saying, “One more number!” Poor guy, it tortured him for days. The tricky part of winning the lottery is actually getting the money. He filled out a form and mailed his ticket away. Then, he was told he needed to send in some identification, and sign and send in a form of some sort. The woman from the lottery emailed him the form, but when he went to print it, it was supposed to be on legal size paper (of which we had none in the house). So, this morning we went to town to buy legal size paper (of which there was none in the store). This kind of thing is extremely frustrating for Lyndon. He ran into the Saskpower office and grabbed a few sheets of paper, and had a quick visit with the guys he used to work with. He has since printed the form, and is in town now to have someone witness it, and then he will fax it away.

More news… we woke up to rain this morning! We are so thankful for rain. The grass is practically turning green before our eyes. Tyson and Colton signed up for the Hunter Safey course. It starts next week. The pool opens in May! I think I will try to get the boys in for swimming lessons in June.

We found out today that the funeral for Danny Dunn will be on Saturday afternoon in Weyburn. We’ve been trying to figure out the best way of working this all out. Lyndon suggested we put the camper on the truck and go with him early tomorrow morning. Then, he would come back with us Saturday night, and go back to Weybun on Sunday. That might work, if I can get organized this afternoon. The campgrounds aren’t open yet, so we would have to park in someone’s yard, but it would just be for three nights. It’s do-able.

I’ve been thinking about Danny, and the Dunn family. Danny was a die-hard Saskatchewan farmer. His last outing before he became bed-ridden was a trip to a farm auction. His son-in-law drove him, and Danny bid on things by holding his arm out of the truck window. He was too weak to get out of the vehicle. His family and friends will miss him.

Oh dear, lottery update. Lyndon just got back from town. He was unable to send his info away because he forgot the fax number, and he couldn’t phone me for it because I was on the computer typing this post. (We have dial-up). He did bring me back some water, so I should get off the computer and get the laundry started. And if we do go with him tomorrow, there are a pile of other things I need to do.

Final note… Lyndon just called me to come and look out the window. Carter is giving the poodle a ride in the tire swing. The silly dog just sits there. She looks like she is enjoying it.