Because of the Lineman Boot Camp this week, Lyndon had to work today as well. Usually he has Friday off, but he phoned a few hours ago to say it would be a short day, and he would be home sometime this afternoon. The week went okay for him. They had nine guys finish the week. I think they started with fifteen. He also said that John J and Al are coming over tomorrow to shoot gophers for the day. The boys will like that. I think they are ready for a break from Mom.

Yesterday morning, Colton had to go in to the hospital to have the dressing on his hand changed. Carter wanted to come along. Martha, our friendly outpatient nurse, unwrapped, checked, bandaged, and rewrapped Colton’s hand. Carter was totally into it. He had a ton of questions, and Martha was very patient with us. She had a bit of the gauze bandage left over, so she gave that to Carter while she finished up with Colton. Carter soon had the bandage wrapped around his own hand in imitation of his brother. Martha laughed and taped it up for him, and he was as proud as if he actually had an injury.

We had to stop at the grocery store on the way home, so both of my bandaged boys came in with me. Everyone kept asking Carter what had happened to his hand, and then laughing when they realized it was a “pretend” injury. I think Colton was a little ticked, as his brother was upstaging him. I mean, what’s the use of having an injury if people don’t fuss over you about it because your little brother is being funny and cute. Poor Colton. I so often see the “Middle Child” thing happening with him. So, I am trying to give him some extra attention this week, but he still is rather out of sorts. He is especially looking forward to his dad coming home.