Sometimes my life just seems to go down that path, you know the one, where a whole pile of little things take over until it seems like I’m walking barefoot down the gravel pathway of life. (I’m really into these “journey” metaphors lately). So, in an attempt to banish the grumpies, and to restore my sense of humour about it all, here is my list of things I find annoying. (Does annoying have one n or two?)

I find it annoying when:

1. The poodle gets poo stuck on her butt and I have to resort to nasty and disgusting measures to remove it.

2. The kids yell at each other, and then I yell at them to try to get them to stop yelling at each other.

3. The work I am doing on the computer is lost when my dial-up internet decides to kick me out.

4. The dinner, or the book, or the sermon, or the movie that I thought was fantastic garners an “It was okay” from my husband.

5. The temperature is still below zero in April. It’s April, for crying out loud.

6. I rent a movie and the language is so bad I can’t stand it.

7. We are travelling and I ask my husband if he wants to stop for a coffee and he says no and keeps driving.

8. I drive into town and then realize I forgot the library books I was supposed to return.

9. I get to the grocery store and I can’t remember that other thing I was supposed to pick up.

10. While I am trying to remember what I am supposed to get at the store, a friend comes by and for the life of me I can’t remember her name. And then another friend comes by and I have to try to introduce them to each other with out actually using their names.

Whew. I just realized there are a lot of faulty memory type situations in the above list. The plus side of that is that most of the annoying things that happen get forgotten by the next day! Now, what was that other thing I was going to write about…