Yesterday, I drove into town by myself, just to pick up the mail and to get a few groceries. The boys were doing school work at home, and I was only gone for about a half an hour. When I got back, I just sat in the truck for awhile. I listened to the radio, and soaked in the warmth of the sun coming through the truck’s windows. It was heavenly. After about five minutes, Tyson came out to the truck with his Math book. He had a question so he climbed in the passenger seat. Next, Carter came out with the dog. They settled into the back seat. Then Colton came out to see where everyone had gone, and he too crawled in the back seat with his literature book. Sigh… I’ll never be alone again! It was kind of nice in a way, though. Everyone was in their own world, doing their own thing, in the truck together. It reminded me of car trips when I was a kid. It felt nice to have the whole family together, each of us reading or sleeping or whatever, but together.

Tonight, as we were driving home from the swimming pool, Colton commented on the evening. It’s my favourite time of the day, he said. He said he liked seeing all the houses with their lights on. It made him feel cozy. Tyson said that when he started having dates, he was just going to drive around in the evening with the girl because everything looks so nice. (Where did that come from?) Carter just wanted to know if he could eat marshmallows when we got home.

Lyndon just got home. He looks tired. He’s going to have a shower. Good thing I went and got water this afternoon.