Yesterday, Colton puked every half hour from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm. It was brutal. The poor guy was about done in by the end of the day. So far no one else seems to have come down with it.

This afternoon we went swimming. We were the only ones in the pool for most of the time. It is amazing to me that the pool is not used more. I did laps while the kids played. I took the kids for pizza after, and they rented a movie. So, they are watching Dinotopia. It is a long movie; it must have been a tv series or something. Anyway, they can keep it for three days. It looks kind of interesting.

Here is a bit of useless information for you. We have been watching Season 7 of the Cosby Show, and I noticed that Cliff (Bill Cosby) always wears a pin with the initials SD on it. I was curious, so I googled it and discovered the SD is for Sammy Davis Junior, who apparently gave the pin to Mr. Cosby. He wears it in every scene, even on his pj’s. Must be special.

Lyndon comes home tomorrow night.

My goodness, this is a mundane post. I guess it has been a mundane week. I can’t think of anything else that would be remotely interesting for someone to read. Sorry, I’ve got nuthin’.