After a rocky start (see previous post) we settled into a wonderful week of camping. Lyndon checked things out with his friend Randy, who recommended a couple of campsites to us. We drove through Salmon Arm and tried the first site, which did not allow pets. The next site, Pierre’s Point, was a winner. Only five minutes from Salmon Arm, right on the beach, and with a lovely view of both the lake and Salmon Arm.

It was a cool evening, but the boys were game to try the lake. After they got their tent set up, they hit the water. While Lyndon finished setting up camp, I watched the boys make the first of many trips across the lake to a floating raft anchored several metres out. Randy came out after he was done work, and he and Lyndon planned the first of several fishing trips. And thus began the holiday.

Lyndon and Randy did a lot of fishing, catching some rainbow trout and some “garbage” fish. The salmon fry were heading through the lake on the way to the ocean, and the trout were feeding on them. Lyndon and the boys were thrilled to see the fry “boiling” in the lake. One day, the boys also saw a couple of nesting osprey while they were out in Randy’s boat.

We were also able to spend some time with the Parmenters. These are precious friends of ours from our Shaunavon days. They moved to B.C. about the same time we moved to Gravelbourg. Since they are also a family of boys, and they homeschool, we have a lot in common. They came out to the lake on Saturday. We spent Sunday with them in town, worshipping with them in the morning, and spending the afternoon visiting. We brought Mark, who is Tyson’s age, back to the camp with us and he spent the night in the tent with the boys. It poured that night, and the boys got soaked. They ended up in the cab of the truck, watching movies and playing gameboy, and not getting much sleep. Monday was also rainy, so we piled the boys in the truck and went for a tour of the area.

So, the boys fished and swam, and I read and relaxed. It was lovely. We had the entire campground and beach to ourselves. I saw maybe three other people the whole time we were there. The weather was good, although the mosquitos were pretty bad in the evenings. We had a fire every night. I realized that we are a family of fire-pokers. There are differences though. Lyndon is a Poker with a Purpose. He adjusts the logs so that the greatest benefit – in terms of fire quality – is achieved. Carter and I are Pokers for Pleasure. We just like to poke at the fire with a stick, for no reason other than it is fun. Purpose-pokers and pleasure-pokers do not always get along, but we worked it out.

It was a lovely holiday. Lyndon wants to move there.

This is not a joke; Lyndon wants to move there. If this was our first year or two of marriage, this would put me in panic mode. I have been married to this man for fifteen years, however, and I have come to realize that the Love of My Life is an impulsive guy who changes his mind several times a week. His one life is not long enough for him to do all of the things he would like to do. So, while I appreciate that he likes the Salmon Arm area and would like to live there, I am not panicking. We did spend a little time one day with a map and a real estate guidebook, checking some things out. It is expensive.

Lyndon’s view of Salmon Arm, specifically, and British Columbia, in general:

There is no wind. He made that statement several times a day while we were there. Lyndon is a little tired of the Saskatchewan weather. It is warm in British Columbia. It is pretty there.

Janelle’s view:

You have to cross big mountains to get there. It costs a lot to live there. Things just seem a little too easy there. Flowers grow with no effort. The weather is beautiful. The views are beautiful. I am a prairie girl. On the prairies we take pride in the fact that things are not always easy. To me, the prairies are like a carefully-made bed, smooth and unwrinkled. It takes some work to make a bed smooth. I mean, anyone can throw a bed together, all wrinkled and rough. But who wants to sleep in it? Apparently, Lyndon does.

I know, I know. I sound a little negative. The truth is, if we do move there it will be fine. God is good. God is big. God will make it work.