Yesterday was Rhubarb Crisp Day in our home. It happens every spring. The kids notice the rhubarb and decide we need to pick it and cook it right there on the spot. So we do.

It was yummy. Colton and Carter cut up the stalks, and Carter and I assembled the crisp, and Carter, Colton, Tyson, and I ate it… all… for lunch. Delicious. The taste of spring.

I like rhubarb. As a plant I mean. It gives me a taste of gardening without actually having to do any gardening. I know that as a Saskatchewan woman living in the country I should have a huge garden so that I can harvest and preserve all kinds of good things for the winter table. Part of me would like to do that. A big part of me feels guilty for not doing that. But it is one of those things that sounds nicer than it actually is, at least for me at this stage of my life. We are gone a fair bit in the summer, and there is nothing more depressing than coming home to a field full of weeds where the lovely carrots and peas are supposed to be. So, a few years ago I just decided to not put in a garden. It has been quite liberating. Maybe one day I’ll take it up again, but for now I am enjoying my freedom.

Other noteworthy events of the past few days include:

– The “other” mama cat did, indeed, have her kittens. They have not yet been located by the children. This is probably a good thing.

– The boys started their swimming lessons. So far, so good. Carter, of course, wants to be first at everything — first to put on his life jacket, first to take off his life jacket, first in the pool, etc.

– Lyndon starts a new job with Saskpower on Monday in Regina. He will be working on a transmission line crew. Transmission lines are those REALLY big power line structures. His crew will work on the transmission lines in the southern half of the province.

We are almost done our “official” school year. Every year seems to go more quickly than the last. I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my kids. I am thankful for the interesting people they are. I am a blessed mom!