What a wonderful weekend. It was really, really nice.

Carter and I spent the entire day in town at the Summer Solstice Festival. I have not been for a few years and as I said before, I was hoping it would be good for Carter’s sake. It was fabulous. We got there at about 10:00 a.m. and I had to drag Carter away at 8:00 that evening. There were some really entertaining children’s performers, there were other kids to play with, the weather was FANTASTIC, and there was a food court area that sold cheese strings for fifty cents. Carter has been quick to tell everyone that he was allowed to drink TWO cans of pop. It was really great. Really.

I just hung out, listening to the music, visiting a bit, and people-watching. My favourites were a man and woman who (I think) must have been from out of town. At least I have never seen them before. They had blankets and a cooler, and they settled in for the day. They seemed to really enjoy the music, they each had an afternoon nap, and when the reggae band played they got up and danced in the street. There were others dancing, but they were all girls or women, dancing alone or in groups. My couple was the only couple out there. They kind of hung out on the edge of the “dance floor” (which was a blocked off section of Main Street), and just grooved out to the music. He was blind, so they stayed close to each other and danced in the way that people who are really comfortable with each other and with music do. I loved watching them.

I dragged Carter to a book reading by Sharon Butala. He did pretty good. It is very important to be quiet at a booK reading. I was able to listen to all of the reading, but had to leave before the question and answer time. Ms. Butala read from her new book, the name of which I can’t remember and I am too lazy to look up. It’s a true crime story about a woman that Sharon went to High School with in Saskatoon, who was later murdered. The crime was never solved. Very compelling. I am currently reading a collection of short stories by Sharon Butala called Queen of the Headaches.

On Sunday, Carter and I picked up Nathan and Clayton and drove down for church at the Trail Ride. Another lovely day, and a beautiful service. Lynn Anderson led us in Communion, and Grady King spoke after. I was “amening” in my heart all morning. Lynn was talking about the vital role of communion, as an activity of community and fellowship, and as a remembering of the blood of Jesus. Things Lyndon and I (Lyndon especially) have been talking about lately. Communion seems to get lost sometimes in all of the other worship activities we partake of on Sunday morning. Lynn also talked about simplicity, a topic so dear to my heart. I would have loved to hear more from him about that.

Grady shared a beautiful lesson, drawing on his own experiences from his past. He shared the things he had learned from his own abusive father, mainly that only God could free him from the bitterness and anger that would be the natural result of his background. Again, I would have loved to have heard more.

The down side of the weekend, of course, was that I hardly saw Lyndon and now he is gone again. I think he is going to bring the boys down to the Ladies Trail Ride next weekend, and just hang out and help. So I might catch up with him a bit then!

And, sadly, our friend Darcy received news yesterday that his mom has had a massive heart attack. She is on life support in Regina, and the family is gathering there. Many prayers, Darcy and Toos, and your family.