Hamsters, the flavour of the month around here these days. When we were helping some friends move the other day, they gave the boys their old hamster cage and hamster accessories. Now, hamsters are about all the boys can talk about. I told them they can’t get any until we get home from our camping trip to Weyburn next week. So, we are reading and researching and dreaming hamsters till then.

They have their hearts set on Black Bear hamsters, which they saw one time at Cow Town in Regina. Lyndon is going to have a look when he is in Regina next week, and will hopefully bring them home with him. The question is, how many? We have three boys. But three hamsters sounds like a lot of hamsters. I’ll let you know what we end up with.

Yes, the boys and I (and a friend of the boys) are going to camp at Nickle Lake next week. Well, sort of camp. We are borrowing my aunt’s fifth wheel, which is parked in a permanent site at the lake. Weyburn is having their VBS next week, so we will take that in as well, and hopefully get a chance to visit with friends, too. We are all looking forward to it. We’ll just get up early Monday morning and head down there, and come back on Friday afternoon. Lyndon doesn’t know where he will be working next week, but if he is in the area he will stop in for a night.

I heard a new term the other day, GLAMPING. Apparently this refers to “glamour camping”. You know, camping with all the extras, the comforts of home, so to speak. I don’t know if we will be glamping next week but whatever you call it, I’m looking forward to it.