We survived the first day of Vacation Bible School. It was busy, crazy, and a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed the western theme. One little girl in my group got scared during the Bible Adventure time (where the story is acted out). But she recovered quickly when we went to the snack station. I think we had around sixty kids.

Lyndon left today. He stopped in Moose Jaw to attend the funeral of a friend’s mother. I would have liked to have gone as well, but what to do with the children? Instead, I dropped the kids off at the pool and went for coffee with a friend. Debbie and I had not had a good visit in a long time.

Brought two extras home with me from the pool. They are spending the night and coming to VBS with us in the morning.

Sadly, the other baby bird died this morning. It is hard to keep those little creatures alive. Nature does a better job than we do, I guess.

Mom update: She seems to be recovering quite well after her hip replacement surgery. She says she does laps around the dining room every day. I am sure she is missing being out in the yard with her flowers. But she sounds pretty perky on the phone.

Oh, I am getting old. (I turned forty-five last week, you know.) I am tuckered right out, and it is only Monday. Four more days to go! It will be good. The kids are the best part! It is so fun to watch them having fun.