Yesterday we wrapped up our week-long Vacation Bible School. It was an awesome week. I was very, very tired yesterday afternoon.

We started out with around sixty kids. Thursday was our top day for attendance, with 104 little cowpokes. But is isn’t about the numbers. It’s about the hugs and the smiles and the singing and – best of all – hearing the bigger boys talking about the “cool” bible stories they experienced. One friend said she got goosebumps one morning as she drove to the church and saw all of these kids streaming toward the building, on bikes or walking with friends. So great.

Today it is raining. That lets me off the hook for all of the outside jobs that have been neglected the past couple of weeks. Not sure what the day will bring. Lyndon is home. Carter just went to wake him up, to go and watch CBC Kids on TV downstairs. Saturday morning cartoons with Dad. Does it get any better than that!

Remember my kids and their dreams of owning hamsters? Well, hamsters are out. Apparently, if you have more than one hamster in a cage they will fight and kill each other. Can you believe that of those cute, cuddly little things? So, yesterday Lyndon came home with three baby gerbils. The boys are totally happy. They named them Ron, Captain, and Snowball.

I learned an interesting fact. Apparently, pet stores are gender-specific. The pet store Lyndon bought the gerbils from is an all-male store. Every animal in that store is male. Some are all-female stores. It seems so Jurassic Park. Remember that whole “nature will find a way” thing.

Well, we are finished with our two full weeks of Bible Schools, and now the summer is stretching ahead of us, long and lovely. Lyndon thinks he may be working in Estevan for the first two weeks of August, so maybe we can all go and camp near there, or stay in a hotel with him. Or something. His work schedule seems to change with great frequency, so I’ll wait and see.

I was thinking again of our week at the lake. The first day there, both Carter and Colton lost their Crocs in the lake. Carter went barefoot the next day, until I bought him some new ones at WalMart. Colton had some runners he could wear. Anyway, on Thursday we were playing at the lake again and both pairs of shoes washed back up on the beach! I was so amazed. That should be, like, a metaphor for something… but I can’t think of how to apply it. It was pretty cool, though.

Maybe this is it… We don’t know what we will get back from the “things” we leave out there in the world. We can just be surprised and delighted by whatever washes back up on the shore.

Whaddaya think? I know, a little fortune cookie-ish. Oh well. That’s my best shot at it on a Saturday morning. God bless!