Yesterday, Colton rode along with me into town. I had a desperate need to get to the library, and he wanted to go to the fish store to see if he could make a trade. He zipped his Catfish into a baggie, and away we went.

The Catfish was fun to watch. He was extremely energetic. Watching him was like watching a toddler on a sugar high. He would zoom around the tank, almost crashing into things. And feeding time — he was like a missile on a heat-seeking track, bearing down on those flakes of food. You could actually see his abdomen expand as he ate. The problem, however, was that he was also a bully. We are pretty sure he was responsible for the deaths of some of our other fish.

It was fun to watch Colton negotiate with the Fish Lady in the store. He ended up trading the Catfish for two Mollies. A pretty successful exchange, in his opinion. When we got home, he discovered that one of the Mollies had had babies enroute. We have not had much success with fish babies in the past, so Colton put these babies in a separate jar. Alas, this morning they were dead. But the mature Mollies are doing fine, and seem happy to be a part of the Ross Aquarium. And, I swear, the other fish seem relieved to find the bully of the tank has been replaced.