After two busy weeks, this past week has truly felt like summer holidays. It has been lovely. A little reading, some housework and yardwork, hot weather. Ahhh.

Here are some of the recent highlights:

Alfter finishing our Hepatitis A and B shots, we were asked to have blood work done to check on the immunization status. That is, did it work?! So, on Thursday the boys and I made a trip to the hospital lab and had blood taken. Carter was very worried. Would it hurt? How big was the needle? How much blood would they take? He went first. He sat on my lap and was fine. Colton was next. While Colton was being stuck, Tyson tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around just in time to catch him. The lab tech helped me get him to a bed, and he recovered before long. Poor guy, his body (or mind) just does not like needles.

Colton has discovered Calvin and Hobbes. We own a collection of the comic strips and Colton has become a fan. He has read the book from cover to cover a few times, and has started drawing comic strips of his own.

Colton has also being doing “independent research” in a couple of areas. He found a book on prehistoric animals that contained some creatures he had not known of before. So he has been studying up on these new finds. He has also been reading up on the Creation/Evolution debate. It is interesting to see his “notes” on his findings. He does everything in pictures. It is like a storyboard for a movie.

Carter has discovered dragons, and has been poring over some of Tyson’s dragon books.

Tyson has been enjoying the gerbils. They are pretty fun to watch. Whenever they go to sleep, they barricade the entrance with fluff and sawdust. There have been no futher “tail removal” issues.

Lyndon got home last night. Today was a work day. I did several loads of laundry, and it was a perfect day for drying clothes on the line. Lyndon started painting trim on the outside of the house. The boys cleaned off the veranda, including spiderweb removal. We had a wiener roast for lunch, since it was so hot in the house and there were lots of pruned branches to burn. I took the boys swimming tonight. It didn’t take them long to head to bed after we got home. It was a busy, tiring (in a good way) day.