Family. God. Worship.

Beautiful service today. Ray and Ellen McMillan were here. Ray spoke — unity, love, forgiveness, peace. So beautiful. We had a potluck barbeque after. The kids got to spend lots of time running with their friends. I got to share a few minutes with some of my special friends.

Yesterday was Lyndon’s birthday. He wanted to do something fun with the kids. We went to Regina, where we spent some time at the mall (I got my hair cut), some time at the pet store, and some time in the movie theatre. Actually, Lyndon and the two big boys went to see Kung Fu Panda. Carter does not enjoy the theatre experience. It is too loud for him. So he and I wandered the mall for a couple of hours.

Today was my dad’s and Lyndon’s dad’s birthdays. Dad turned seventy-three, and Tom turned seventy.

Looking forward to a busy week ahead. We have company coming on the weekend, so I want to do some things in the house to get ready. If the weather cools off at all I’ll do some baking.

My heart is with the Straker family as Carole’s time seems near. It is a beautiful sadness, the end of a beautiful life.