July 2008

I am sad to report that one of the baby birds died this morning. So far, the other one seems to be doing okay. We started feeding it a little dog food. I don’t know, it seems to eat anything you put in it’s mouth. It is a little disgusting. You have to poke the food right down it’s throat. We try to shake a few drops of water into it’s mouth every once in a while. It is growing feathers like crazy. There is still a little fuzz around the edge of it’s head. Makes it look like an old, balding man.

We have been going non-stop since we got home. Yesterday, the boys hung out at home while I spent the day at the church building helping to decorate for our Vacation Bible School, which starts on Monday. We are using a cowboy theme. The sanctuary is decorated with bales, saddles, etc. It looks so great.

I’ve also been cleaning up from our week away. The kink in it all is that Lyndon had to work Saturday, helping to clean up from all of the storms. We had traded vehicles for the week, which meant the truck was stuck in Regina. Hmmm, how to get water? I ended up borrowing a truck to haul a load of water last night, so we managed to do a little laundry, wash up the dishes, and just do some general cleaning. That made me feel better. And then, joy of joys, Lyndon came home last night. That made my life much happier. (Not just because he brought the truck home. I was glad to see him, too.)

Today was potluck day at church. Whew. I had next to nothing in my cupboards, but scraped together a few things to take. Also, it was my turn to teach the kid’s Sunday School class. (During the summer we put all the kids together and take turns teaching them.) Lyndon came down to help and we all survived! I had to do a few more things for VBS in the afternoon, then back home to continue with laundry, etc. Lyndon doesn’t have to go back until tomorrow afternoon. Yeah!

I was thinking back over the past week. I so loved camping with the boys, and attending the VBS in Weyburn. I was able to go for lunch one day with my friend Darla. We talked about the things good friends talk about when they get together. The boys and I helped Lowell and Darla lay sod at a house they are fixing up to sell. We did the front and back yards of their house, and then helped their neighbours do their house as well. After several hours of carrying rolls of dirt and grass, we were all exhausted. I was so sore the next day.

The boys got to see lots of old friends, some of whom came out to the beach with us a couple of afternoons. It was fun to see them all playing together, such games as “If You Get Hit With The Frisbee You Turn Into a Zombie”, among others. I witnessed my first “man thong”. It was quite a site. The guy lay on the beach all afternoon, with a fly swatter in his hand to keep away the horse flies. Trust me, a guy in a thong is not something you see very often in southern Saskatchewan.

Carter set the tip of his nose on fire. Really. He was roasting a marshmallow, which caught on fire. When he tried to blow it out, he set his nose on fire. He’s okay.

The church there organized an adult Bible study while the VBS was going on. The amazing Mr. Wieb taught it. Absolutely awesome. It was on the missionary journeys of Paul. I’ve been pondering Acts ever since. There is so much packed into those chapters about the early church. I wonder sometimes what it would have been like to have lived then. I would have probably been the guy who fell asleep while Paul was preaching, and fell out of the window and was killed!

All in all, we had a wonderful week away. Now, we are set for a great week of VBS here, starting bright and early tomorrow morning. Pray for us!


The boys and I got home this afternoon after spending the week at Nickle Lake. We stayed at my Aunt’s campsite, in their fifth wheel. It was so fabulous. Really. I only packed clothes and sleeping bags. We bought groceries in Weyburn when we got there. It was just great.

There were many blog worthy things that happened while we were there. What comes most immediately to mind is the Baby Bird Rescue Operation that my boys and their friends undertook. It stormed on Wednesday night. On Thursday the boys found two baby birds on the ground. There were actually three, but one was dead. They showed up at the campsite with these two little half-dead things in their hands. What could I do?

We put them in a tissue box and fed them bits of bread. They slept through the night, but started squawking at about 5:00 am. The boys have continued feeding them, and we brought them home with us. They are now squawking on my kitchen counter. Tonight the boys fed them Ichiban noodles, which apparently they (the birds) loved. Their “nest” is a cereal bowl lined with paper towels.

We’ll see how it goes.

We expected Lyndon to be home when we got here, but because of all the storms he could be working all weekend. I guess there are power lines down all over the province.

It’s been a long week and I am tuckered out. More camping stories later.

Hamsters, the flavour of the month around here these days. When we were helping some friends move the other day, they gave the boys their old hamster cage and hamster accessories. Now, hamsters are about all the boys can talk about. I told them they can’t get any until we get home from our camping trip to Weyburn next week. So, we are reading and researching and dreaming hamsters till then.

They have their hearts set on Black Bear hamsters, which they saw one time at Cow Town in Regina. Lyndon is going to have a look when he is in Regina next week, and will hopefully bring them home with him. The question is, how many? We have three boys. But three hamsters sounds like a lot of hamsters. I’ll let you know what we end up with.

Yes, the boys and I (and a friend of the boys) are going to camp at Nickle Lake next week. Well, sort of camp. We are borrowing my aunt’s fifth wheel, which is parked in a permanent site at the lake. Weyburn is having their VBS next week, so we will take that in as well, and hopefully get a chance to visit with friends, too. We are all looking forward to it. We’ll just get up early Monday morning and head down there, and come back on Friday afternoon. Lyndon doesn’t know where he will be working next week, but if he is in the area he will stop in for a night.

I heard a new term the other day, GLAMPING. Apparently this refers to “glamour camping”. You know, camping with all the extras, the comforts of home, so to speak. I don’t know if we will be glamping next week but whatever you call it, I’m looking forward to it.

Goodness, it has been forever since I have updated here. Summer has begun! Sorry to those loyal readers who check in regularly. It is funny, even when I am not getting a chance to post, I think in posting paragraphs. Like, something funny happens and I think that would make a cool post. But then I can’t remember it when I am actually sitting at the computer.

We have been gloriously busy with summer stuff. The Ladies Trail Ride was last weekend, and it was amazing. The weather was beautiful, warm and just enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitos away. I gave my presentation, and didn’t fall over or stammer too much. The other women presenting had thoughtful and encouraging things to say. Lovely.

Lyndon decided to take this week off as he already had Tuesday off for Canada Day, and Friday off for his regular EDO. It has been nice to have him around. Canada Day we worked in the yard, and then headed to Shamrock Park for a church picnic. We hung around there to watch the fireworks. The boys loved the whole thing. Fun with friends, lots of watermelon, and fireworks for a grand finale.

Yesterday, we went to McCord to help some friends who are moving soon. Todd and Lara Moroz are in the process of beginning a “Ranch Ministry”. It has been in the planning stage for a few years, but the Moroz’s plan on moving to the ranch this summer. Again, the weather was great. It was a fun day.

Today, I am thinking of my mom. She is having hip replacement surgery. My thoughts are with her in Calgary today, as I wait to hear from Dad.

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