It’s 6:00 pm and the temperature on my back deck is 35 degrees celcius. It’s hot. We’re going to the pool as soon as the boys finish doing the dishes.

Lyndon is on his way home. He said he’d meet us at the pool.

Two of Lyndon’s aunties are coming for the weekend. They should get here around noon tomorrow. I am looking forward to having these grand ladies for a few days. In anticipation of their visit, we have spent a fair bit of time house cleaning. The whole messy gerbil thing is driving me a little crazy. I think the little critters stand at the bars of the cage and throw the wood chips all over the floor, just for the fun of watching us clean it up. I need to find a tray or tub or something that the cage can sit in to contain the mess.

When we were in Regina last weekend, Colton bought a little frog (yes, we paid good money for a FROG), and some Ghost Shrimp for his aquarium. Nice additions, actually. The frog likes to hang out on the lily pad. What a cliche! The Ghost Shrimp are little, transparent guys. So it is fun to try to find them each morning.

In this month’s issue of National Geographic there is an article on monkeys from Bioko, Africa. There are kinds of monkeys that the boys have never heard of. This has spawned a flurry of monkey research, monkey art, and monkey conversation.

There was a Sunday School Committee meeting at my kitchen table this morning. (ie, some of my friends and I got together to discuss what we should do in Sunday School for the next year.) I asked the kids ahead of time how things were going in Sunday School, and if there was anything they would like change. Right away Colton said, “Snacks!” I guess you’re never too old for snacks in class.