Wednesday night. Free pop with large pizza night at the Sub Shop. Guess what we had for supper.

Kids are watching a movie. It has been a pretty low key week so far. A welcome change after the busy (but awesome) weekend.

The weekend…

On Friday, we headed down to Clint and Dawn’s. Dawn has been putting down laminate floor, so I helped her shuffle furniture and clean closets while Lyndon went in search of Clint, who was doing some ranch-type thing. Great visiting times. We accomplished a fair amount of Mexico trip planning. We talked to the bus driver, to try to plan out the trip down and back. Friday night, Tyson and Colton slept on the trampoline. Fun, fun.

Saturday, Dawn and I picked her beans. The beans had these horrible purple bugs on them. June Bugs, someone said. So Dawn said to squish the nasty things as we went along. Right. I couldn’t. They were just too gross. So I had to get Dawn to squish my bugs.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Wood Mountain Park for the Redneck Rumble. We served food out of the booth, to raise money for the Mexico trip. It was actually a lot of fun. Tyson helped out, and did a great job. We got to hear Garrett’s band play.

Then, of course, on Sunday we went to Regina for Carole’s funeral. We travelled up with Clint and Dawn. When we stopped for lunch, Carter found a clip-on earring, which he insisted on wearing for the rest of the day. It was a lovely, dangly, sparkly thing, which went well with his blue shorts and tee shirt.

After the funeral we went out to eat with friends, and then fit in an hour of water sliding at the hotel. In the morning, Lyndon left for work, the boys and I went to WalMart, and then drove home. All in all, a very full weekend.