So I am blogging now to distract myself from the knowledge that all of my men are currently tromping around on the roof above me. The story…

We have wanted (needed) to do some painting outside this summer. The window trim especially is desperate for some attention. Now, normally we do not pay our children for the work they do at home. We all live here, right. But we are making an exception in this case. Tyson is really wanting to make some money, and we really wanted to get this painting done. So, yesterday Tyson climbed out of the bathroom window, onto the roof, with a wire brush in one hand and a paint brush in the other. He spent several hours out there yesterday, and has already put in a few hours today.

Carter, of course, has noticed the activity and, being all boy, thinks it would be really cool to climb out of the window and crawl around on the roof. Lyndon agreed to take him for a stroll. Because it seemed Crocs would not be suitable rooftop footwear, he is wearing his winter boots. It’s quite a picture. If he added his earring it would be perfect. I am feeling a little nervous about it all. Lyndon has assured me that all will be well.

Okay, so on to the distraction… Yesterday I took my first ride on Lyndon’s new bike. He and I went into town for breakfast. It was okay. (The ride I mean. The breakfast was great.) I don’t know if I am destined to be a biker babe. The helmet made my head feel wobbly and heavy. And, it is not the most comfortable seat in the world. There is no back rest, and the back seat is higher than the front seat, so I had to sit kind of hunched over to put my arms around his waist. Whenever we hit a bit of a bump, my wobbly head would hit his head. I guess I need practice. Glad it was only for a couple of miles. The kids love to go for rides with him. Except Tyson. He hasn’t gone yet and says he isn’t going to.

My apologies to all of my friends whose husbands are now looking at bikes. I think Lyndon and his friends are planning a little “Wild Hogs” adventure.

Last night, after we did some errands in town, we picked up supper and went out to Thomson Lake. It was a beautiful evening. The lake was still. It was perfect, except that when Lyndon stepped out of the truck the handles of the box of chicken that he was holding ripped, and all of the chicken fell on the ground. No problem. We just brushed it off and called it good. (Someone once told me that everyone needs to eat a peck of dirt in his lifetime. I have no idea how much that is, but we went a long way toward that goal last night!)

Okay, I’m off to hang laundry on the line. The distraction thing is not working very well. Guess I’ll give prayer a try.