Wow, what a crazy week. Last Monday, the boys and I (and our friend Shayla) hopped in the car and headed to Calgary. Actually, Carter and Colton slept in the car Sunday night. I peeked at them before I went to bed. So cute. They were curled up in their sleeping bags, one in the front and one in the back. So we just moved them over a bit and hit the road early on Monday morning. Shayla came with us as far as Medicine Hat, where we left her at WalMart. Actually, her sister came and picked her up there. The rest of us carried on, and arrived at Mom and Dad’s that afternoon. My sister, Milessa, was there with two of her kids. She left that evening, but the kids stayed. The boys enjoyed playing with three of their cousins.

Tuesday, Dad and I took the six of them to the Calgary Zoo. I am sure we walked miles around that place. Everyone loved it. We were able to see all of the babies: giraffe, gorilla, and elephant. The baby elephant was so cute. One of the Keepers was spraying her (or him, I’m not sure) with a water hose. The baby absolutely LOVED it. Then, the keeper gave the adult elephant a watermelon, which she carried in her trunk over to where we were standing, placed it on the floor, and stepped on it. Then, she vacuumed it up with her trunk, rind and all.

When my sister Kathy got off work, she came and picked up four kids, but Colton and Carter wanted to stay. So, Dad and I stayed with them till the place closed. They had a great day.

Wednesday, Dad and I took them to the pool for the afternoon. My bathing suit had had it, so I just watched. It was a fun pool with lots of “toys”. The kids seemed to especially love the “river” part of the pool. And, of course, the waterslide.

Thursday, Dad and I ran around Calgary. I stopped at a friend’s church to pick up their leftover VBS material, which they said we could have for our VBS next summer. Then, we went to the homeschool store where I was able to get the last of the things I needed. We went for lunch and then went home, picked up the kids, and took them bowling. They bowled for about two hours. They all loved the ten pin lane. Carter would push the ball, then watch it s l o w l y roll down the lane. He actually did quite well. He insisted he could control the ball with his mind.

Thursday night I fit in a little girly time. My sister, Kathy, painted my neice’s and my toes, complete with little stick-on flowers for decoration. I never bother with manicures or pedicures, so it was kind of fun. Then, I packed up the car, and we left Friday morning around 6:30. Stopped in Medicine Hat for about an hour, then again in Swift Current for a bit. So we were home in good time.

Lyndon was already home when we arrived. He informed us that he had to work in Regina on Sunday afternoon, so after a flurry of laundry and cleaning, we packed the kids up again and headed to Regina. We spent Saturday night at a waterslide hotel, then went to church together. Lyndon had to leave right after church, so the boys and I ate lunch, and then headed for home.

Whew. I am ready to be home for awhile, but the fun continues! This coming weekend, we are going to camp at Nickle Lake (again), near Weyburn. A cousin of mine is getting married there on Saturday. That will be our final summer adventure. I hope the weather cooperates. Four days with my family at the lake sounds quite heavenly.