It really has been “one of those days”. It was a “school in the car” day, already! It’s only our second day of school. All because of The Puddle. She had an appointment in Assiniboia for 8:30 this morning, to get her hair and nails (and anal sacs) done. This meant we needed to leave the house by 7:45. Believe it or not, we did. I even managed to get school stuff organized so that the kids could do some work in the car. We arrived at the Poodle Parlour at 8:30 exactly and… nobody home. We sat in the car until almost 9:00. I was just about ready to leave when – ta da – the sign in the window flipped over from Closed to Open. I took Bella in, expecting profuse apologies, or at least a simple sorry I was late. Nope. Nothing. Just, She’ll be ready by 11:00. Alrighty then.

This prompted a little lecture for the boys on how to treat people you are doing business with or for. Right, Mom. Whatever you say. Okay. On to the bank.

Next problem. I went to deposit my baby cheque (I don’t know the official name for it, Child Benefit maybe?), and I couldn’t find my bank card. I think I gave it to Lyndon so that he could deposit last month’s cheque for me. Oops. And, of course, the bank didn’t open for another half an hour. Grrr. I knew what would make us all feel better, breakfast.

We headed over to the Chat ‘n Chew. Would you believe it wasn’t open yet either. Doesn’t anyone work in this town?! We found an open restaurant, and actually had a very fun, lovely breakfast. The boys had pancakes and hot chocolates, and I had toast and coffee. I love eating breakfast out. I’m not sure why, but it is my favourite meal to eat at a restaurant.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store was across from the restaurant, so we checked it out. Ten dollars later we emerged with three pairs of rollerblades, some books, some craft supplies, and a picture for my bathroom. Not bad. The only traumatic moment there was when I was in the bathroom, at my most vulnerable, and a woman walked in on me. After three babies, however, I have very little sense of personal dignity left, so I handled the moment just fine. Ummm, I’m busy here, is what I think I said.

Back to the bank, to see if I could deposit my cheque with a living, breathing teller. No problem, said the LBT, except the computers are down. I’m not kidding! It took some time, but I did finally manage to deposit my cheque.

We did some shopping and then went to pick up Bella, only to discover I could only pay by cash or cheque, of which I had neither. I’ll be back, I said, and rushed Bella over to the vet, only to find he was in surgery and wouldn’t be available for another half an hour. I left the dog in care of the veterinary assistant, went back to the bank for cash, paid the dog lady, and went back to the vet’s to pick up the dog. By this time the weather had turned ugly. Windy, rainy, yucky. But I had promised the boys that we would stop at the park and they were still game, so… we stopped at the park. I supervised from the car, while the boys tried out the new rollerblades. They had a blast, I had a rest, and everyone was in good humour when it was time to leave. I just needed to stop for fuel, and then we would be on our way home. Right.

I stopped at the Co-op, asked for a fill, and went in to pay. When I came back out, the car wouldn’t start. No way, I silently screamed. What I actually vocalized was something like, What the crap is wrong now! (Sometimes I use the word crap, even though it is a word I don’t really like, when I am very frustrated about something. And I was feeling pretty frustrated.) Long story short, a couple of people helped me push the car out of the way of the pumps, and gave me a boost. I drove straight home to Dr. Andy, who tightened a battery connection or something and told me I was good to go. He also addressed the starter issues the car has been having. So, by the end of the week my car should be healthy again.

In spite of everything, it was fun to spend time with the kids. Any trip with them is a little adventure. They took the challenges in stride, and are out on the veranda, rollerblading, as I write.