Okay, I’m supposed to be rushing around getting ready for our weekend camping trip. But, in the interest of balance, I have paused, poured a cup of coffee, and am quietly doing the computer thing for a few minutes. There has already been a fair bit of “rushing around” today, though. I started laundry this morning, only to discover we were almost out of water. Must have been that luxurious bath I had when I first got up. No problem, I had to run to town anyway to have some blood work done at the hospital. Did that, got water, started laundry, and started packing. I want to get away by noon if possible. We are dropping off The Puddle at Lyndon’s Mom and Dad’s place, on the way. Should be able to meet up with Lyndon in Weyburn at supper time.

Forecast looks good. It is supposed to be nice all weekend. The bad news: I heard from a wise farmer this morning that we are supposed to have a cold winter. Waaa. I am not a fan of cold winters.

Rollerblading has been the entertainment of choice around here lately. The musical sound of blades running on my veranda accompanies most of my kitchen work. Except the other night, when it was the sound of crashing and glass breaking. Tyson was blading, slipped, and put his hand through the kitchen window. Fortunately he is fine, just some minor cuts. The window, on the other hand…

Well, better get at it. Daylight’s burning and this outfit needs to move out. (Cowboy lingo I’ve picked up from hanging around my rancher-type friends!)