August 2008

Yesterday morning, early, Carole went Home. It is hard to imagine Bernard without Carole. Many, many people will miss her. The funeral is Sunday afternoon at 2:00, in the auditorium at Western Christian College in Regina. Carole and Bernard have spent the last several years volunteering their time at this school.

Lyndon will be home tomorrow around noon. We’ll head down to Clint and Dawn’s. Saturday we are working the booth at the Redneck Rumble. The money goes toward our Mexico trip this winter.

I had coffee this afternoon with Jodi, a woman who is quickly becoming a friend. She is interested in coming to Mexico with us. What an amazing and interesting life she has led. Truly someone who cares about others. I am blessed to have people like her in my life.

I am starting to think about school. It’s the second week of August already. I’m not sure when we will start. The local schools start quite early here. The 25th I think.

We have had a spate of pet deaths here lately. First the gerbil. Then our sweet Betsy. The oddest death, however, was that of Colton’s algae-eating fish. It is truly an aquatic mystery. The other morning, Colton noticed that the fish was missing from the tank. It was quite a large specimen, and was always seen hanging by its “mouth” on the side of the aquarium. I don’t think I ever saw it actually swim anywhere. Anyway, the fish was missing. About an hour later, Colton discovered the deceased fish on the floor under the couch. At least three feet from the aquarium.

How did the fish get out of the tank? How did the fish get off the table the tank sits on? How did the fish get under the couch? I simply cannot imagine a plausible scenario.

Speaking of mysteries, I have been reading the forensic anthropology novels of Kathy Reichs. Never read her before. I found three of her books, plus a Robert B. Parker novel I had not yet read in our library this week. Oh Joy! There is nothing like a well-written mystery on a hot summer day.

We had company this past weekend. Two of Lyndon’s aunties, Aunt Lill and Aunt Merry, came for a visit. It was so fun to have them. The boys loved the special attention. Carter, especially. He and Merry went for a long walk one afternoon, down the back road to the old well. Probably a 2 1/2 mile walk. And Lill received many hugs from my little man. He was so sweet with her. I really enjoyed visiting with these wonderful women. And it was fun to watch them be “sisters” with each other. Merry lives in B.C. and Lill in Saskatchewan, so they don’t get to see each other very often.

Sadly, our border collie Betsy was killed on the highway near our house on Saturday. She had been gone for a few hours which was unusual for her. Lyndon went looking for her and found her not far from our place. It was very sad for us all. She was such a great dog. Lyndon buried her in our little pet cemetery, and Colton and Carter each wrote her a letter. Carter buried his letter with Betsy. Here is what Colton wrote:

I loved you more than the whole world. I loved hunting with you, and hugging you. I hope you loved me the same. And I hope you loved God. Bye.



Poor girl. We’ll miss her.

Lyndon had yesterday off. It was nice to have a long weekend with him. We drove out to The Dirt with Lill and Merry on Sunday afternoon. Lyndon enjoyed showing off his hay crop. Lill gathered a bouquet of grass and rushes to dry and keep. Merry took another long walk with the younger boys, around one of the big sloughs.

Our dear friend Carole is still hanging in there. She has been non-responsive for several days. No matter what I am doing lately, a piece of me is with this family as they gather with Carole in her last days. Carter was praying last night, and asked God to remember Carole and her family. After, he was remembering our visit a few weeks ago with the Strakers, and he said She didn’t seem like an old person. She seemed like just a girl with a few wrinkles.

Oh Lord, the wisdom of children. I pray that as I grow older I will remember Carole’s life and death. I pray I will be a “girl with wrinkles”.

It’s 6:00 pm and the temperature on my back deck is 35 degrees celcius. It’s hot. We’re going to the pool as soon as the boys finish doing the dishes.

Lyndon is on his way home. He said he’d meet us at the pool.

Two of Lyndon’s aunties are coming for the weekend. They should get here around noon tomorrow. I am looking forward to having these grand ladies for a few days. In anticipation of their visit, we have spent a fair bit of time house cleaning. The whole messy gerbil thing is driving me a little crazy. I think the little critters stand at the bars of the cage and throw the wood chips all over the floor, just for the fun of watching us clean it up. I need to find a tray or tub or something that the cage can sit in to contain the mess.

When we were in Regina last weekend, Colton bought a little frog (yes, we paid good money for a FROG), and some Ghost Shrimp for his aquarium. Nice additions, actually. The frog likes to hang out on the lily pad. What a cliche! The Ghost Shrimp are little, transparent guys. So it is fun to try to find them each morning.

In this month’s issue of National Geographic there is an article on monkeys from Bioko, Africa. There are kinds of monkeys that the boys have never heard of. This has spawned a flurry of monkey research, monkey art, and monkey conversation.

There was a Sunday School Committee meeting at my kitchen table this morning. (ie, some of my friends and I got together to discuss what we should do in Sunday School for the next year.) I asked the kids ahead of time how things were going in Sunday School, and if there was anything they would like change. Right away Colton said, “Snacks!” I guess you’re never too old for snacks in class.

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