Yep. This is my one hundredth post. Wow. You’d think I’d run out of things to say. Happily, I have kids, so there is an endless supply of inspiration available.

We are starting to gear up for our trip to Mexico this winter. We will leave on December 26th. This year, we have rented a bus that will hold thirty-five people. It is a little scary to be organizing so many people. Not that there is a lot to do, but there is a greater sense of responsibility when there are extras coming along with us.

We are building a school again, but in a different village. This time we will be working in Manaedero (I think that is the correct spelling). Besides building a classroom, we will be re-roofing an existing building. Also, we hope to do some “quick fix” work on the roofs of some of the people who live in the area. We also plan to do some activities with the local children, and possibly help with a Vacation Bible School. Many of the ideas are still in the planning stage.

God is amazing. Clint and Dawn were recently visiting with some friends and discovered that they had previously worked in Manaedero, helping to establish a Women’s Shelter. We are hoping that these folks will come with us in December, as they already know people there and speak Spanish. Of all the villages in Mexico that they could have worked in…

Our church has been collecting school supplies to take with us to Mexico. The folks here have been very generous. One man went out and puchased cases of scribblers and pencils. Thankfully, once we load the stuff on the bus it doesn’t need to be moved until we get to San Diego.

Although travelling by bus will make the trip significantly shorter, I will miss the luxury of moving around that we experienced on the train. I am a little nervous about the whole “parenting in public” thing. With all of us in such close quarters, and with a lot of people I don’t know very well, it could be interesting. Carter will be the youngest travellor. Perhaps after reading my previous post you will understand my twinges of apprehension.

Well, I need to wake up the boys, start the porridge bubbling, and begin the day. I think we will incorporate Home Ec into our day today. Some house cleaning and baking are in order, as we are having company for the afternoon, and Lyndon will be home tonight.