It certainly was. Quiet. Lyndon got home Friday night and went to bed early. I wasn’t feeling well on Saturday so I lazed around most of the day and… went to bed early. Today was a little better. It was potluck day at church, so got to visit with some friends. Lyndon and I are enjoying our Sunday School class.

Lyndon, the boys, and I ran into town this evening for ice cream, and then Lyndon headed back to Regina. He is finding it too cold in the early morning on his bike, so decided to leave tonight instead.

Lots of people are asking what we are doing in school this year. So…

Tyson and Colton are using workbooks (called PACES) in Math, English, Literature, and Word Building. We are studying Modern History together, and will do a special unit on Canada as well. We will attempt some Spanish. And we will do lots of whatever comes up. Currently, I am reading the boys a book called The Seven Wonders of Sassafrass Springs. Along with that, we are reviewing the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And the boys are always doing things on their own.

Colton has started reading for pleasure. Up until now, most of his reading was reference material about animals. It is nice to see him reading novels. He also sent in a subscription to National Geographic, and is anxiously awaiting his first issue.

Tyson is a project guy. He has made all kinds of things, from birdhouses to hunting knives. He has recently taken up knitting, which (I confess) seemed a little strange at first. In fact, I told him, gently, that some of his friends might make fun of his new hobby. His response: I don’t care. So, in his free time, you will likely find him working on a knitting project.

Carter is learning how to read. He still has trouble sitting still, but we are working everyday on his reading and math and he seems to be making progress. He is a BUSY guy. He attaches himself to Lyndon from the minute his dad walks in the door. He wants to be beside him all the time. One of his favourite things is to go for a motorcycle ride with his dad.

So, that is what the Rosses are up to.