The outside is coming in. We have been hosting a variety of house guests lately. Little red beetles, spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, and (of course) the annoying flies. Every time the door opens, more wildlife migrates into my house. It is the time of year when Saskatchewan teems with bugs. Mowing the grass is like going into combat. You practically need protective clothing to survive the grasshopper missiles. And what’s up with those red bugs this year. They are everywhere.

The other day the boys brought in some pale, tan coloured crickets. Never seen such a thing before. And then they found some that looked like a cross between the light and dark crickets. They were dark brown with white wings. Bizarre.

The boys like to catch grasshoppers to feed to the gerbils. For some strange reason the gerbils only eat grasshopper heads. Very gross. The grasshoppers, crickets, and spiders are HUGE right now. Like, too big to step on. Carter caught a Wolf spider and kept it in a jar for a few days. He threw a cricket in the jar to see what would happen. The spider jumped on it, stabbed it with some crazy mouth thingee, and dined on cricket juice. The kids were fascinated. We checked Wolf spiders out online. They are hunters, pouncing on prey rather than building webs.

This afternoon I walked into the living room and saw Carter on the couch. He was so still and quiet… it was, well, unnatural. He didn’t say anything, just slowly lifted up his shirt so that I could see two fuzzy, yellow caterpillars curled up on his tummy.

We also witnessed our large apple snail laying eggs. Colton was checking out his tank and couldn’t find the snail. I suggested that perhaps it had crawled up on the underside of the tank’s lid. He checked and sure enought, there it was. It was in the process of squirting out a long stream of white, gooey stuff that we assume are snail eggs. If they survive, we will have what looks like millions of baby snails. I have no clue how snail procreation works, so we will just wait and see what happens.

This discussion reminds me that I forgot to report on the Science program the boys are using this year. Both Tyson and Colton are using curriculum from Aoplogia (Jay Wile). Colton is using Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, and Tyson is using Physical Science. They are more text book-y than we have used before but so far, we are all enjoying them.