Today was a beautiful, warm Fall day. So why am I thinking about Christmas? I had an interesting  conversation with the boys the other day and it got me to pondering. We were chatting about our upcoming trip to Mexico, where, like last year, we plan to build a school. I was asking the boys how they felt about last year’s trip. Overall, their responses were very positive and they are looking forward to going again. The only negative feelings were about Christmas. Although Colton said it was actually better than he expected!

Last year we deliberately attempted a scaled-down Christmas. So, we didn’t have much for presents. And because we were leaving early on the 26th, we didn’t do much on Christmas day. The boys opened the gifts in their stockings and the gifts their grandparents sent them. I spent most of the day packing and getting ready for the trip. I remember that we had tacos for Christmas dinner. Truthfully, Christmas was pretty, well, blah.

As we talked more about last year, the feeling I got was that the boys didn’t miss the presents. They loved that we spent a day at Sea World in San Diego and they recognized that that was a special gift that they would always remember. What they did miss, I think, was the feeling of celebration that is usually a part of Christmas. I missed it, too. I think I was so concerned about the trip the next day that Christmas day was not a special day for us. I don’t want to make that mistake again. Although we really want to take the materialism out of Christmas, we don’t want to take the Christmas out of Christmas. So, lesson learned, I hope.

Christmas will be well-celebrated by the Rosses this year. We’ll do pancakes, and turkey, and stockings from Santa. We will decorate, bake, and remember our Saviour’s birth. And then, on the 26th, we’ll head off on another Grand Adventure that will become a part of the fabric of my children’s childhood memories.

Silent night, holy night!