Oh my, it took it out of me to get here, but here we are. Yesterday was a looooong day. We left at 5:00 in the morning. We stopped at Kenton and Melanie’s house (which is where Lyndon “camps” when he is in Regina). Lyndon’s buddy picked him up for work shortly after we arrived. The boys and I hung out there for a few minutes until hunger drove us out into the city to forage for food. I was trying for efficiency, so we headed to the Southland Mall where I was hoping to get in for a haircut. The only thing open when we arrived was WalMart, so we went in to eat at the McDonald’s. Although it was early in the morning, the woman at the counter was already grumpy. We waited while she served the person ahead of us, made coffee, got angry at a machine that wasn’t working right. Finally it was our turn.

There was no breakfast menu on the board so I asked if they served breakfast.

Yes, she replied as if I was mentally challenged.

Umm, what do you have for breakfast?

At that, she jumped up on the counter. I’m not kidding. I thought it was a case of McDonald’s Rage or something, and that she was going to attack me and that later on the news her friends would report that she was a nice, quiet person who kept to herself. But no, she jumped up on the counter and hit the sign above her head with her fist, which caused it to flip over to the breakfast menu. Then she jumped back down and stood there looking at me.

Okay. I timidly ordered something for the older boys, then asked her if they had any muffins.

Again… The Look. I braced myself for her response.

No, they didn’t have any muffins. Couldn’t I see she was the only one working and she didn’t have time to make muffins.

Alrighty. Carter settled for a cinnamon bun, and we sat down to eat.

Then we wandered around WalMart. After the Mall opened, we wandered around there. My hairdresser was in Korea visiting family so I couldn’t get a haircut. The boys spent an hour or so playing Nintendo at EB Games. We wandered some more. I was waiting for Lyndon to call and tell us when and where to meet him so that we could drive to Yorkton with him. Finally, about 12:30 he called to say that they were still going to be a while. I couldn’t stand the Mall any longer, so we drove over to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. We have been there many times, but the boys still love it. Had a drink in the lobby. Waited some more for Lyndon to phone. Took the dog for a run in the grass. Waited some more. Finally, we decided to drive over to the east side of Regina, which was the way we would go anyway to get to Yorkton.

On the east side of town, we stopped at a Tim Horton’s. The early morning and all the wandering and waiting was getting to me. We went in to Tim’s for donuts and drinks. I told the boys to try to make them last because the only other thing to do was more waiting. So we nibbled and sipped and listened to the couple at the table next to us break up. Loudly. Well, she was loud. He was pretty much just sitting there.

Lyndon finally called and said he would be about another half hour. We went back out to the car. The older boys played gameboy in the car, and Carter and I walked Bella on a strip of gravel that edged the parking lot. Then Carter started trying to skip rocks in a puddle. A lady came by and admired Bella for a few minutes. Then Lyndon called, again, to say that – in fact- they had still NOT left the shop and he didn’t know when they would be on their way. I took a deep breath, gathered the boys, and headed into the Victoria Square Mall. I knew there was a pet store in there that would occupy the boys for a while.

Eventually Lyndon did arrive. From then on things got better. Lyndon drove us to Yorkton, we spent a lovely, quiet evening in the hotel room. Everyone slept well, and today has been a great day. Continental breakfast, doing school in bed while watching Discovery Channel, waterslide, vending machine snacks. It’s been fun.