September 2008

It certainly was. Quiet. Lyndon got home Friday night and went to bed early. I wasn’t feeling well on Saturday so I lazed around most of the day and… went to bed early. Today was a little better. It was potluck day at church, so got to visit with some friends. Lyndon and I are enjoying our Sunday School class.

Lyndon, the boys, and I ran into town this evening for ice cream, and then Lyndon headed back to Regina. He is finding it too cold in the early morning on his bike, so decided to leave tonight instead.

Lots of people are asking what we are doing in school this year. So…

Tyson and Colton are using workbooks (called PACES) in Math, English, Literature, and Word Building. We are studying Modern History together, and will do a special unit on Canada as well. We will attempt some Spanish. And we will do lots of whatever comes up. Currently, I am reading the boys a book called The Seven Wonders of Sassafrass Springs. Along with that, we are reviewing the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And the boys are always doing things on their own.

Colton has started reading for pleasure. Up until now, most of his reading was reference material about animals. It is nice to see him reading novels. He also sent in a subscription to National Geographic, and is anxiously awaiting his first issue.

Tyson is a project guy. He has made all kinds of things, from birdhouses to hunting knives. He has recently taken up knitting, which (I confess) seemed a little strange at first. In fact, I told him, gently, that some of his friends might make fun of his new hobby. His response: I don’t care. So, in his free time, you will likely find him working on a knitting project.

Carter is learning how to read. He still has trouble sitting still, but we are working everyday on his reading and math and he seems to be making progress. He is a BUSY guy. He attaches himself to Lyndon from the minute his dad walks in the door. He wants to be beside him all the time. One of his favourite things is to go for a motorcycle ride with his dad.

So, that is what the Rosses are up to.


Yep. This is my one hundredth post. Wow. You’d think I’d run out of things to say. Happily, I have kids, so there is an endless supply of inspiration available.

We are starting to gear up for our trip to Mexico this winter. We will leave on December 26th. This year, we have rented a bus that will hold thirty-five people. It is a little scary to be organizing so many people. Not that there is a lot to do, but there is a greater sense of responsibility when there are extras coming along with us.

We are building a school again, but in a different village. This time we will be working in Manaedero (I think that is the correct spelling). Besides building a classroom, we will be re-roofing an existing building. Also, we hope to do some “quick fix” work on the roofs of some of the people who live in the area. We also plan to do some activities with the local children, and possibly help with a Vacation Bible School. Many of the ideas are still in the planning stage.

God is amazing. Clint and Dawn were recently visiting with some friends and discovered that they had previously worked in Manaedero, helping to establish a Women’s Shelter. We are hoping that these folks will come with us in December, as they already know people there and speak Spanish. Of all the villages in Mexico that they could have worked in…

Our church has been collecting school supplies to take with us to Mexico. The folks here have been very generous. One man went out and puchased cases of scribblers and pencils. Thankfully, once we load the stuff on the bus it doesn’t need to be moved until we get to San Diego.

Although travelling by bus will make the trip significantly shorter, I will miss the luxury of moving around that we experienced on the train. I am a little nervous about the whole “parenting in public” thing. With all of us in such close quarters, and with a lot of people I don’t know very well, it could be interesting. Carter will be the youngest travellor. Perhaps after reading my previous post you will understand my twinges of apprehension.

Well, I need to wake up the boys, start the porridge bubbling, and begin the day. I think we will incorporate Home Ec into our day today. Some house cleaning and baking are in order, as we are having company for the afternoon, and Lyndon will be home tonight.


Last night, after supper, the boys wanted to go out to play for a bit. Sure, have fun. (A few minutes alone, I thought.) As they were walking out the door, some altercation happened that ended with Carter slapping Tyson. Or maybe the altercation started with The Slap. I’m not sure, but my little boy had been riding my last nerve for quite a while, so I made him come back inside and get his pajamas on.

No, Mom. I’ll never be bad again. I promise. I’ll be good.

Get your pajamas on.

I promise, please Mom, let me go outside with the boys.

Get your pajamas on.

But it’s not fair. I said I’ll be good. Why can’t I go outside?

You need to get your pajamas on, NOW.

You are so mean. You just like to torture me for your own pleasure.

… so much for the quiet time alone in the evening. Apparently I prefer torturing small children to reading that new library book.

…or dialup, or dial-up, or however you spell it. I have been fighting with my computer for a week, and things are still not quite right. I am sorely tempted to call the guy who sells the satellite internet service. He’s been sending me colourful postcards in the mail for quite some time now. The thing is, I know that when I call him the price of the service will increase because I will need this and that and… Although I am, as I said, sorely tempted. (Why “sorely” tempted? Because I will be “sore” if I give in to the temptation? Hmm.)

Thanks to those of you who have been checking in, even though the posts have been scarce these days.

I didn’t finish my Labour Day Weekend update, although by now I can hardly remember what we did. Oh yeah: camping, wedding, rain. It was all great, except for the minor stroke that our friend Helen had while we were there. She seems to be doing okay now. The wedding went well. Saw lots of relatives. The bride was beautiful, of course. And the groom was nervous. As it should be.

My aunt, mother of the groom, is hilarious. She NEVER dresses up, so shopping for a dress for the wedding was apparently a stressful event. As she tells it, she went with a friend and started loading up on different outfits. When she went into the changing room to start trying them on, there was an outfit hanging in the room already. It turned out to be the one she bought. Kelly left it there for me, she said, because she knows how much I hate shopping for clothes. My cousin Kelly was killed tragically several years ago.

We did end up with rain the last day we were there, but we just tucked ourselves in and watched movies (we eventually learned how to work the dvd player) and napped.

I wasn’t keen on returning through the previously mention road construction, so we went home by way of Regina. I had wanted to get to Regina anyway, to take the kids to a display put on by World Vision. Called One Life, it was an interactive representation of an aids-riddled African village. We followed the journey of Timothy as he watched his mother and father die, and was diagnosed himself with aids. At the end of the tour, we were invited to write a note to put up on a bulletin board. I was so touched by the way my kids were touched. Tyson’s note was beautiful. He is not as prone as the other boys to share his deeper feelings. He wrote about being stunned by what he had learned, and asked God’s blessing on Timothy and the other African children. Made his mother cry.

After our meandering travels, we arrived back home on Tuesday night, only to wake up Wednesday to get back in the car. We all had dentist appointments in Assiniboia. The boys did school in the car, again.

Lyndon got home Friday night, tired. They had to lift transmission lines for a dragline move near Estevan. It sounded like a yucky job in the rain. He was glad to be home for a few days. The weekend went by quickly. We actually hung a few pictures. After all, we’ve only been here four years. We found this cool velcro stuff that you stick on the wall and on the picture. Works great on our plaster walls.

Lyndon and I started teaching the older elementary Sunday School class. They are a fun group. We are doing a unit on the ten Commandments.

Alright, I feel better. Dial up isn’t so bad. It could be worse, right. It is, after all, one of those First World problems. I could be living in a village in Africa where, I am sure, the internet would be the last thing on my mind.

Okay, you know you have been gone too much when you aren’t sure where you are when you wake up in the morning.

We had a great weekend at Nickle Lake. It was good to spend some quiet time together, as well as some visiting with friends and family. We got home last night, and today we had to make a trip to Assiniboia for dentist appointments, so I am feeling a little scattered. Hopefully things will settle down for a while now.

The beginning of the Labour Day Weekend:

The trip to Weyburn was fairly uneventful, except for the horrendous road construction just past Assiniboia. No Flag Person, just big equipment blocking the road. After surveying the scene for a few minutes, I just started driving through the mess. We got through one tricky area and I thought we were home free. I noticed some vehicles pulled over to the side of the road, so pulled in behind them, thinking they were waiting for a pilot vehicle to arrive to guide them through the rest of the construction zone. Nope, they were just parked there looking at a map. Parked. In a construction zone. I finally figured it out and carried on, although by that time there were several vehicles that had pulled in behind me. We made it through eventually, and stopped in at Lyndon’s mom and dad’s to drop off Bella. Had a cup of tea, and then carried on.

We met Lyndon in Weyburn at WalMart. He was on the bike. We ate the first of several McDonald’s meals, grabbed some groceries, and headed out to the lake. We couldn’t figure out how to hook up the dvd player in the camper, so the kids read and played games, and Lyndon and I watched CSI. Everytime I turned on the tv that weekend, CSI was on. Is that the only show people like to watch?

So, we enjoyed our first night at the lake. We did get a little chilly, so in the middle of the night Lyndon kidnapped Carter and put him in bed with us. He was like a little heater.

Updates on the rest of the weekend to follow. I am going to curl up on the couch with the kids for a few minutes, perhaps with a yummy bowl of Shreddies. I turned on the heat tonight. Sigh, summer is officially over.

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